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Tattoos You Should Get With Your Best Friends

Tattoos You Should Get With Your Best Friends

Tattoos You Should Get With Your Best Friends

Tattoos can be intimidating because they are something that will be on your body forever. However, if they have meaning and you share the same tattoo with someone else, you will be happy with the long-term results. Tattoos when gotten with other people, create a lifetime bond that will be cherished by the reminder on your body. Getting tattoos with your best friend(s) gives you guys the opportunity to be creative and collectively agree on something that symbolizes your relationship. Check out this list for some cute matching tattoo ideas!

1. Butterflies

Butterflies can make people stop in their tracks. They are elegant small beings that do nothing other than let people stare at their beauty. So, why not get a butterfly tattoo with your best friend? This could be as intricate or simple as you and your friend want which is what makes it so cool. You could even do different colored ink like you get their favorite color and they get yours. It’s a double win if you both have the same favorite color. What’s also super cool about the butterfly tattoo is that it can be as big or small as you want and it could go literally anywhere on your body. Butterflies are beautiful creatures that represent deep and powerful meanings of life so why not share that with someone who means so much to you and will be with you always.

2. Initials

Get your and your friend’s initials tattooed! It is the most simple and sweetest way to represent your friendship. You could either get both initials or just get each other’s. The best part about this is that you can just do a thin line letter so it won’t take very long and it will look extremely elegant. When it comes to tattoos with your best friend, it doesn’t have to be the most intricate thing in the world. As long as it means something to everyone who got it that’s all that matters. Plus, getting each other’s initials is a sweet way to represent your friendship.


3. Sun and Moon

The cutest most understood. A sun and a moon. If you have a spiritual connection with your friend then you will automatically know who the sun and the moon are in the friendship. There truthfully is no speculation about it. So, you could decide to get who what symbol you think you are or vice versa. Either way, it will make sense to you and only you two which is what makes this best friend tattoo especially special. There are so many different variations to this tattoo that make it unique in its own way. However, tattoos are fully up to the preference of the person getting them. So, text your friend and ask them who is the sun and the moon and head to the tattoo shop.

4. Yin and Yang

Similar to the sun and moon idea, get the Yin and Yang symbol. Yin and Yang symbolize how two opposite forces may turn out to be complementary and interconnected. If this resonates with you more than the idea of getting the sun and moon then get the Yin and Yang symbol. You could both get the entire symbol or you could split it up and one gets the light side and the other the dark side. So, when you are with each other it can be connected. It’s a great story to tell if you and your friend are opposites yet work together seamlessly.

5. Hearts

A classic honestly. A heart tattoo is the smallest cutest thing that you can get. They’re so dainty and precious that you at times may even forget that you have it but when you do see it, you will be reminded of the moment you have with your best friend. To make the heart extra special, you and your bestie could draw the heart that each other is going to get. That adds so much more meaning to the tattoo overall and it will be something that you will love and cherish for lifetimes to come.

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6. Your Bestie’s Birth Month Flower

What is super cute and can be as simple or colorful as you want is getting each other’s birth month flowers. This is a super cute way to represent your bestie without it being outright obvious. If you wanted to incorporate both birth month flowers then you could make a bouquet out of the two different flowers and get that somewhere. Or, if you coincidentally have the same birth month, then you guys could get the same flower but in a different variation. Flowers are some of the most beautiful tattoos because you can do so much with the designs, colors, you can add so much to it all and it will still look pretty or keep it simple and have it still remain just as pretty.

7. Zodiac Sign

If you and your best friend are into astrology and all of that good stuff then it just makes sense to get each other’s zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are so cool in general which is what makes them good tattoos. You could get the constellation of the zodiac or you could get the symbol of the zodiac. No matter what you choose it will look good. If you wanted to make the tattoo more intricate you could add stars or a moon or add color to it to make it feel like something more. The creativity that comes with a tattoo then adding a zodiac symbol in it is so fun. Picture dark blue ink with white stars surrounding the zodiac sign! Or, if you wanted you could get both of the zodiac signs and in between the signs could be a moon… have fun with it and make it meaningful because it will be a representation of your friendship for years to come.


8. Twin Flame

A twin flame is your soulmate. You and this person share a connection that goes beyond the surface and to your soul. It’s truthfully irreplaceable. If you and your best friend feel this connection within your friendship then a great way to represent the connection you two have is by getting a flame tattoo. It has a great meaning behind it and goes beyond what anyone would think if they saw a flame tattoo. It is special to you and your best friend but to the world, it’s an aesthetically pleasing tattoo.

What tattoo do you and your bestie(s) have? Share with us below!