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A Guy’s Guide: Why Women Look Past A Six-Pack

A Guy’s Guide: Why Women Look Past A Six-Pack

When it comes to girls’ preferences on whom they’d rather hook up with, they look past your ripped bod. Why? You can’t talk to muscles. Read on.

1. She’s Seen A Six-Pack Before

Even as a straight guy, I think a six-pack on a guy is super hot, but it’s nothing past that. In our digital age, she has been desensitized to the sight of a six-pack. Women want to be captivated by conversation and confidence. And if that guy has a six-pack, that just a bonus for her.

2. Dressing Halfway Decent

It’s so funny how low our fashion standards are as straight guys. Because we have a horrible nose for clothes, any guy that wears clothes that fit him will stand out of a crowd. This means you ought to wear a solid color tee shirt with a pair of shorts that go above your knee, or pants that stop a little below your ankles, and hug your booty. Why is it important what you’re wearing? Women want to know that you care. They put in at least triple the amount of time getting ready to go out, and they want a good looking guy to put their arm around at the end of the night. Any other dumpy dude is not sight for sore eyes.

My Tip: Stay away from the super tight shirt. Girls will think you’re self-obsessed. I know that we want to flaunt our big chests, but when you’re trying shirts on, go with one that is not SUPER tight. Of course, you don’t want to go too long, so my test is that the shirt does not go past the line of my crotch.

A Guy's Guide: Why Women Look Past A Six-Pack

2. Putting Words Together

It’s jungle rules: guys with layers of fat and a smart tongue will be chosen above the mute six-pack ridden ones. Women want to feel stimulated in conversation. Any guy with a mobile tongue, who isn’t afraid of eye contact, gains attractiveness in a woman’s eyes. But how do I learn to talk to girls if I’m so bad at it?  I got good at talking to girls after I started introducing myself to people I didn’t know: be them girls or boys. I just took a leap by extending my hand, saying my name and smiling. You will be surprised how much of an impact you make on someone if you introduce yourself, rather than stay in the background. Once you’ve shaken his or her hand, you’ve PING-ed on their radar as someone that isn’t afraid in social settings.

A Guy's Guide: Why Women Look Past A Six-Pack

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3. Confidence

Confidence is affected by your outfit and ability to socialize. When you spent some time choosing an outfit that fits you well and shows you’re notifying too hard, you feel accomplished. And that feels good. It feels liberating when you choose to open your mouth, move your feet around the room, and smile. I’m a very confident 23-year-old guy, and I grew in confidence the more I forced myself to not stay in one place at a party. If you’re sitting down, get up for a new drink, to play one of the drinking games, or just to go to the bathroom. Find people along the way and talk to them. Maybe tonight isn’t your night to take someone back, but you’re working on it. Confidence grows on you over time, not in one night after 9 shots. It will grow as long as you take steps a few centimeters outside of your self-contained comfort boundaries. Do this in each social setting you find yourself in.

My Tip: Remember it’s hard to be confident because we can be really self-conscious in social settings, including the girls in the same room as you. This helps take the edge off for me.

A Guy's Guide: Why Women Look Past A Six-Pack

If you’re afraid, walk afraid in style by sporting a smile! Comment below with a caret (^) if you liked what you read.

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