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My Favourite Podcasts To Get Me Through The Week

My Favourite Podcasts To Get Me Through The Week

Recently, I have acquired something of an obsession with podcasts. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that BBC Radio 4 was the soundtrack of my childhood (thanks Mum) which makes a background conversation somewhat comforting.

I’ve got to the point where I have a different podcast for any mood or occasion. I’ve got one for when I’m in need of a laugh, one for when I’m dragging myself to work, one for when I’m tidying up. And with the range of podcasts being so broad, you’re bound to find something to subscribe to.

The High Low | with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes

From the delightful duo behind The Pandolly Podcast, The High Low has the same warmth and wit of The Pandolly Podcast with just the right mix of pop culture, current affairs and pointless trivia. They handle touchy subjects with sensitivity, offering insightful opinions rather than judgement. With each episode an hour long, these podcasts are perfect for the commute to and from work.

Listening to their podcasts you can really see (or hear?) what an amazing friendship these women share, and it’s so heart-warming. Even if after 100 episodes I’m still not sure who’s voice is who’s. On more than one occasion I have laughed out loud to their endless banter – and duly receiving more than one weird look from strangers.

Listen to it… on the way to work to get your weekly fill of current affairs without it ruining your day.

My Favourite Podcasts To Get Me Through The Week

Ctrl Alt Delete | with Emma Gannon

Based around her memoir, Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online, Emma Gannon’s weekly podcasts are fresh and funny, and the guests always very well-selected. Her interview style puts the guests at complete ease, and the subject matters are always thought-provoking, and often inspiring.

These podcasts have been included in The Sunday Times’ Top 50 lists, and for good reason to. No one episode is the same, which only makes it all the more addictive. Listen to this first thing and you’ll set yourself up for a successful day.

Listen to it… when you’re getting ready in the morning.

My Favourite Podcasts To Get Me Through The Week

On The Line | with Estée Lalonde

When Estée Lalonde branched out into the wonderful world of podcasting, I lamented that podcasts were the new ghost-written book deals of the vlogging community. Despite my initial scepticism, I gave On The Line a chance – and I’m so glad I did.

No subject is off-limits in Lalonde’s podcasts, which discuss everything from beauty and lifestyle, to less trivial topics including the effect of the contraceptive pill on the female body. The adult equivalent of the agony aunt columns you used to read in Girl Talk when you were 12, these podcasts cover all the sleepover topics you forgot about.

Listen to it… as part of your bedtime routine.

My Favourite Podcasts To Get Me Through The Week

No Country For Young Women | with Monty Onanuga and Sadia Azmat

No Country For Young Women has such a natural and unpretentious tone that can only be attributed to the fact they record their weekly chinwags in a café. In their podcasts, these women frankly discuss what it’s life is like as British women of colour by delving into important and highly-relevant topics like polyamory, dating as a Muslin, self-care and self-love.

Listening to this, I feel like I’m sat in the café with them. It doesn’t feel scripted in the slightest, making it the ideal avenue to gain an affinity for the experiences of other women.

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Listen to it… whilst you’re cooking your tea.

My Favourite Podcasts To Get Me Through The Week

The Receipts | with Audrey Akande, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez

The Receipts is an all-female take on the 3 Shots of Tequila podcasts for men, but – and maybe I’m biased – I’d vouch for it being the superior rendition. These podcasts have all the charisma and chemistry of The High Low with an unfiltered edge. It’s inspirational, and relatable, and all with just the right amount of outrageousness.

The trio decide the theme of each episode according to the biggest buzz in their Twitter hashtag, so their podcasts are always current and compelling. Listening to them bounce off each other, it’s like a girls’ group chat on audio assist. If you’re looking for a laugh that’s going to give you a boost, then The Receipts are the perfect podcasts for that.

Listen to it… when it’s not quite the weekend yet but you need that Fri-yay feeling.

My Favourite Podcasts To Get Me Through The Week

What are you listening to this week?

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