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20 Reasons Your Mom Is And Always Will Be Your Best Friend

20 Reasons Your Mom Is And Always Will Be Your Best Friend

20 Reasons Your Mom Is And Always Will Be Your Best Friend

As cliché as it may sound, your mom is and always will be your best friend. She’s the one person that has stuck with you through thick and thin, never given up on you, never doubted you and never stopped loving you. She is your biggest cheerleader and always will be!

1. She’s the one that knows you even more than you know yourself.

2. Even if sometimes it’s hard to tell, she will always be thinking of what is best for you.

3. In Mexico they have this quote, “The Devil knows better because he’s old, not because he is the Devil,” which means that experience is sometimes better than knowledge.

Mom’s got the experience.

4. In good or bad times, she will never leave you alone.

5. She will never try to do something that could hurt you.

6. She will forgive you for almost everything.

7. It doesn’t matter what you look like – mom will always accept you.

8. She will always support you.

9. She cares more for you, than she does for herself.

10. She will always protect you.

11. She is the person you can count on the most.

12. She will always try to help you.

13. She would give her life for yours.

14. She will teach you lessons… that a teacher can´t.

15. She is always thinking of you.




16. She’s the one that raised you.

17. She’s known you (and put up with you) since day 1.

18. She will always make the greatest effort for you.

19. All she asks for in return is love.

20. And most important of all… she loves you more than anyone else could.
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