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8 Reasons Why Jojo Will Be the Best Bachelorette

8 Reasons Why Jojo Will Be the Best Bachelorette

Keep reading for reasons why Jojo will go down in Bachelorette History… As the best they’ve ever had.


1. She’s incredibly likable and outgoing…

Finally someone fun to watch. The ratings would’ve plummeted to an all time low if another boring, bland bachelor/ette was picked. She is always down for anything, cracking jokes and having a good time. (Someone we want to identify with and someone we actually want to find love.)


2. She is genuine.

Her devotion to Ben even just as a friend was clear, she honestly wanted him to confide in her and find love. She was never the one causing drama or desperately crying for attention. She also made sure to always say how she really felt, she was fearless when it came to love and that’s something you don’t always see.

3. She is probably the trendiest one there has ever been.

I mean “bronde” hair, show-stopping dresses, converse. She’s got it all down and an instagram to show it.


4. She has a crazy family which is incredibly relatable for many.

Brothers being way too protective, mother chugging wine straight from the bottle, this is a recipe for entertainment.

5. She’s confident.

She isn’t afraid to admit her insecurities, and her mistakes.

6. She’s spontaneous.

She’s ready for fun dates, where viewers can rest assured that she is never holding back.

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7. She was the easiest one for Ben to talk to.

Ben constantly pointed out that she was his confidant and he felt the most comfortable with her. Doesn’t every girl want to be that for their significant other? Her constant support and honesty will bring out a lot in the contestants on her season, more than ABC has ever seen before.

8. The Bachelor-aka the most powerful man in the world for a second (dating 20 women at once, loved by all etc., etc)-straight up said “I don’t deserve Jojo.”

Does a Bachelor ever say they aren’t worthy enough for a contestant??? And then not pick her??? AND have all of America agree??? Jojo has clearly got something special here.



Although things didn’t work out for Jojo the first time around, us viewers are more than ready for another season with the best. Start counting down the days to May 23rd!


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