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Your Ideal BF Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Ideal BF Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Finding the right guy for you can be hard. Take a look at this article and see what your ideal boyfriend is based on your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sun sign can tell us a lot about your personality and what you enjoy in a partner, so if you are interested, just keep reading.

Aries- Strong, man’s man type 

Aries are the type of women that love to do different things. They tend to be bored easily so your beau will be in for a wild ride, so hopefully, he can keep up. You need a strong man’s man to go on adventures with. Not strong in a physical aspect either. A meek man is not your speed. You will pair best with a man who is confident and knows his place in the world and your world, that is what I mean by strong.

Taurus- Sensible, artisty type 

Taurus women need affection. When it comes to love languages, there’s is most likely physical touch. Not just sensual and sexy touch, but intimate and romantic ones as well. Taurus ladies, you need a man to provide you security and spoil you in every sense of the word. Taurus women generally spoil and nurture their partners, so ladies make sure you are getting the same in return.


Your Ideal BF Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini- Smart, bookish type 

Geminis are often given a bad rep, but you guys are alright. You are the type of girl that people do not cross because they know you will have a snarky comeback that will knock them off their feet. You would pair best with a smart and quiet man. A man that will stand strongly beside you in all circumstances. A Gemini woman is complex, so mental stimulation is required. You need more than a pretty face to keep the flame blazing.

Your Ideal BF Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Cancer- The perfect gentleman 

Cancer is a water sign, so they really feel their emotions. Cancer women need a man to romance them and take things steady and slow. The perfect gentleman. The guy that brings you flowers just because, or a man that surprise you with your favorite food because you had a bad day.  

Leo- Rom-Com Heartthrob 

Leo women will place their man at the center of their universe, so they need someone who will reciprocate. Even if you didn’t, a true Leo woman will call you out for that. They need a man that’s completely devoted and down to go through the ups and downs of the life rollercoaster. The type of guy that always knows when to say the right things or do the right things. 

Virgo- The Subtle, Good Guy 

Virgos love romance, but they are also very practical. They do not want the crazy ebbs and flows of love. They need and crave a normal guy. A person to spend time with and just have fun. Virgo are not the type to fall easily. When they do fall in love, they work their butts off to maintain and nourish that love. They do not need to be showered in gifts and affection, but they do want to be appreciated and loved in return. A good, normal guy is the perfect fit for them because he is low maintenance and has a good heart. 


Your Ideal BF Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Libra- Easy-going Guy 

Libras need an easy-going fella. A Libra has a strong concept of what’s wrong and right. They want a love that’s 100% honest and true. They expect nothing less than that in return. They need a strong but easy-going man to accommodate all the love that they are willing to give. 

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Scorpio- Sexy, mysterious kind 

Scorpio women are known for being a sexy enigma in comparison to all the other women in the zodiac. Scorpio women thrive on having the same characteristics in their relationship. They want someone equally as devoted and passionate as they are. A Scorpio woman’s love is nothing to take lightly. She loves with her entire heart and needs someone to give the same amount of effort.

Sagittarius- The Male BFF & BF 

Sagittarius women are vivacious and spontaneous. They want someone equal to them and will be their best friends before anything else. Sagittarius are about their business, but they also love to be goofy and let their hair down around those who they love. Sagittarius are the goofy girlfriend types that are also a best friend all rolled into one. They need a guy that works to be their best friend and not just their boyfriend. 

Capricorn- Serious and committed love 

Capricorns crave a serious and loyal love, so they take love very seriously. They do not fall in love easily. They look and require their boyfriend to take their relationships with the same seriousness. They aim to really evaluate and look at their potential partners. They know exactly what they are looking for, so they are not going to jump to the first guy that likes them or that they are attracted to. They need a man that knows what he wants also. One that is not scared of commitment and is a man and not a young man or boy. Capricorn women admire maturity and confidence in their potential partners. 

Aquarius- Independent, free spirit 

Aquarius women are typically non-committal, but that is not because they are scared of commitment. They do not want to waste their time invested in someone who will not return the same amount of care. They are also very independent, free spirits, so it is best for their partner to have the same personality and sentiment. Aquarius women are the kind of women that work and get what they need to be done, so at first, their potential partners will not be at the top of their list. After some time has passed, then they will invest more time, but they will acknowledge and see that this person is really worth the time and effort. So the ideal boyfriend for an Aquarius is someone who is patient and an independent, free spirit just like they are. 

Pisces- Gentle, romantic type 

Pisces are considered the most emotional out of all the zodiac signs. For this reason, they want magically romance. The person that is the exact yin to their yang. They need a partner that is gentle and romantic as they are. Pisces women are quick to be completely devoted, so they need someone who will return the favor. 

What’s your sign? Do our boyfriend types match what you are looking for in a partner? 

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