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24 Zodiac Sign Tattoos You Need Based On Your Sign

24 Zodiac Sign Tattoos You Need Based On Your Sign

These 24 zodiac sign tattoos are pretty spectacular. If you are in love with your zodiac sign, these might give you some inspo for your next tattoo idea!

If you are as passionate as your astrological sign as I am, looking at zodiac sign tattoos is a fun pastime. Better yet, there’s always that large possibility it will be the next tattoo you get. We’ve all seen zodiac constellations, the typical astrological sign symbols and other forms of zodiac love. Here are some of the best zodiac sign tattoos I’ve seen so far… and I’m very particular about tattoo aesthetic. If you are just looking to get a normal tattoo, get some inspiration here.


Essentially for any zodiac sign, you can’t go wrong with a zodiac constellation tattoo. They always look pretty damn good and subbing a star for your zodiac symbol is a cute idea.

Image result for aries star tattoos


You are the ram of the zodiacs. This geometric looking ram is actually fairly cute and is a nice change of pace from the usual symbol tattoo.

Image result for girly aries tattoos


Get used to seeing a lot of constellation tattoos in this article; they truly come out phenomenally.


Freya's Side Tattoo

This Taurus tattoo is pretty epic: the Taurus symbol, roman numeral 5, the earth symbol and flower moon month. All things that resonate with the Taurus symbol.

Tauras Tattoo. Taurus symbol, roman numeral 5, Earth symbol, May - flower moon month.



If you are someone into color, this Gemini tattoo is a steal. The watercolor look is pretty darn cool.

Gemini Tattoos

If you’d rather the constellation, that works too. Still looks unreal. In fact, I think this is one of the coolest constellations out of all the zodiac signs. Makes total sense where the twin concept came from.


Image result for gemini tattoos


This one is a pretty popular among the zodiac sign tattoos. Whoever came up with the brilliant idea of morphing the Cancer symbol into the crab was a genius. Not to mention, the coloring of this tatt is pristine.

Zodiac Cancer Crab ♋


The Cancer symbol is too good to pass up. It’s delicate and simplistic.

Image result for cancer astrology tattoo


If you don’t know who Dr. Woo is, you do now. This tattoo artist is a killer in the industry. This Leo tattoo is for sure a dead giveaway as to why.


Fine line leo lion on the bicep. Style: Fine Line. Color: Black. Tags: Cool, Creative, Nice, Hipster

You could really go in any direction with a Leo tattoo considering the sign is related to a lion. Then again, a simple finger tattoo of the symbol looks great too.
Leo Tattoo, beautiful hand


Something like this but with the comstellation of Aries


signs virgo sign girly tattoos tattoo ideas tattoo ink tattoos and ...


Libra Alignment Tattoo

I would seriously love to know who did this Libra tattoo because it is beyond beautiful! Jaw-dropping actually. There are so many things right with this tattoo it’s not even funny.


Neat Libra constelation tattoo by tattooist_banul.

Scorpio Tattoo Studio. Denia. Alicante. Valencia. Spain. Bohemian Tattoo Style. Art. Lines. Geometric. Dotwork. Scorpio. Constellation. Sei

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scorpio tattoos 1


You can expect a lot of archers for a Sagittarius tattoo.

Image result for sagittarius tattoos


Sagittarius Tattoos 2017


Another stunning tattoo to say the least. This Capricorn tattoo is dainty AF.

Image result for capricorn tattoos


Image result for constellation tattoos capricorn


Watercolor tattoo for the win here.

Related image


Aquarius Constellation More


Pisces Constellation Tattoo More

small Pisces sign tattoo

Let us know what you think about these zodiac sign tattoos in the comments below!
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