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The Best Astrology Sites To Check Out

The Best Astrology Sites To Check Out

Here is the best astrology sites guide. Check out these amazing astrology sites that will have you wanting to read your horoscope every day. They're amazing

Astrology is an ancient art that goes way beyond horoscopes. It involves the movement and positions and how those can impact your life. Seriously, the planets can affect multiple parts of your life: love, work, mood and everything else you could possibly imagine. If you are able to understand the universe, you can navigate it to your advantage. Sure it all sounds weird but it’s no bullshit; it’s written in the stars. If you are an astrology lover like myself, here are the best astrology sites to check out.

This site has it all, literally. Tarot teaches you about tarot cards, readings, horoscopes, astrology, numerology, psychics and other eastern ideologies. Astrologers Rick Levine and Maria DeSimone write a majority, if not all, the content found on the site. There’s always a breakdown for what astrological changes are happening during the month and fun reports you can try. They even provide an Astrology 101 breakdown. Whatever your needs may be, this is seriously one of the best astrology sites out there.

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Café Astrology

I shit you not when I say this website has the most accurate birth chart reading out there. It’s scary how accurate it is honestly. While birth charts can get a little intense and confusing, Café Astrology makes it easy. You can get free reports, book reviews, horoscopes and other astrological calculations you’d want. This site goes seriously into depth about just about anything astrologically related. You can even discover famous people with specific signs. Again, one of the best astrology sites I use.


Image result for natal charts is a given. I mean, it’s not that original of a name but it’s a pretty fun website. You can easily access your daily horoscopes and get personalized readings. Your horoscope comes with a variety of different options: daily, flirt, finance, Chinese, singles love, couples love, work, beauty, tarot, romantic, sexscope, business, fitness, travel and free psychic readings. Told you they’ve got a lot. A fun thing about this sit is that you can also access your horoscope for the following day. Might I add, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. You could say this is arguably one of the best astrology sites to date.

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I swear by these girls, it’s not even funny. If you are a lover of Refinery29 horoscopes, you’d love this. These are the girls who write for essentially every popular magazine publication. There aesthetic is dainty and fun and I always find their reports to be accurate beyond belief. They have several featured articles about what’s going on throughout the month which is a blast. Personally, this is my favorite site and it absolutely falls under the category of being one of the best astrology sites out there.


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