What I Want My Future Husband To Understand About Me

There are little to few pet peeves that I have, so for anyone or anybody trying to get to know me should listen carefully. This would most benefit my future husband since marriage is the most intimate form of a relationship that you can be involved in.

Learned Life Principles

The day that I met you
I prayed that you remember
Everything that your mother taught you,

That you will be the true definition of what a father is.

I prayed that your smile always
Remains contagious and your eyes
Will speak understanding and compassion

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I prayed that your voice will hold me deep,

Your hands will not judge the pain of me

Surviving to be here for you

That you will love me to the utmost

Future husband, there are so many things that you should know about me, so you can provide the best version of yourself.

Reciprocate What I Get In Return

And I will return the love
And I will shower you with what My mother has instilled in me

And I will use that
For my lover
For ages and beyond that

Today and the days that follow I devote myself to you,

My time and body
So, the only thing I ask of you in return

Is that you return the affection And time to me

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Light Sleeper

My future husband of mine is it alright if I make a quick suggestion for you, it’s only to help you in the near future. If you are going to turn the light on in the middle of the night, make sure it’s a night lamp that you can adjust the brightness.

I easily wake up from the slightest noise I hear, so if you want me to be cool, calm and collected in the morning, it is important that I get my rest at night.

Hope Cooking Is Your Passion

As you might have forgotten, I am not a cooker, I do not like to cook as much in fact the only dishes I make are the same 4 dishes that I grew up eating. So, I hope you remember that and don’t expect me to be cheffing it up in the kitchen every night.

A Praying Husband

Having a praying husband conjoined at the hip with a praying wife doesn’t eliminate the hardships that we might face in the long run, but it minimizes the burden of feeling like we are not being heard. God hears our prayers and as long as we keep the faith and know that he is God above all else, we will be good.


I know that this is the area that I struggle in the most. I have a tendency to avoid talking about my feelings because I don’t know how you would react. I understand that in order for us to grow, communication needs to be there.

Being able to have a healthy communication relationship will make all the difference in the world. It will allow us to see the areas that we need to work on individually and then as a collective.

Future husband, there are so many things that you should know about me, so you can provide the best version of yourself.


Because I married you and made a commitment not just with the law but to God, I hold these vows close to my heart. I cherish every word was spoken, I mean every word uttered. So if you are serious about me, us, I need you to remember why we got married in the first place.

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Remember why we fell in love, why we individually said I do. Why you mean so much to me and I to you. Just remember and hold that memory forever future husband.

Future husband, there are so many things that you should know about me, so you can provide the best version of yourself.

Future husbands are what every girl thinks about as they get older and even when they are already older. What are some things that you want your future boo, to know about you? Comment down below your thoughts.

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