Your Ultimate Guide To A Long Distance Relationship: Do’s And Don’ts

Long distance relationships can be the ultimate test of love and resilience but they can also be greatly rewarding. Enduring a long distance relationship can show the true strength of your relationship. Here are a few do’s and don’t for those who are struggling with the physical distance.

DO Make time To FaceTime Or Call Your Partner.

Connection and communication are important tools in any long distance relationship. Make sure you speak your mind about your shared situation and let them know if you’re feeling down. Holding onto negative feelings will bring you both down. Intimacy can be sorely missed with physical distance so make sure you express your love to them, even if you’re fighting, you always want to make them know that they are loved by you.

Remember that life is unpredictable and your partner may not be able to chat with you 24/7. It’s important to not get angry about this and be patient. Good things come to those who wait, they say.

Your Ultimate Guide To A Long Distance Relationship: Do’s And Don’ts

DON’T Hold On To Anger

Indulging in pettiness and resentment with your partner . Making the other person feel guilty for being away from you is not beneficial to the relationship at all. It’s important not to hold resentment for the person who had to move away. Genuine happiness and being supportive of your partner will help keep you two together.

Communication is one of the most important tools for a couple enduring a long distance relationship. Make sure you express your worries in a healthy way, instead of letting your emotions take over and causing a fight.

DO Trust Your Partner

There’s no room for jealousy or distrust in a long distance relationship. Having faith that you are both invested in the relationship will keep you going. Remind yourself that it’s okay for your partner to do things with other people, they need human contact and to socialise beyond a computer or phone and so do you. It’s impossible to be everything that the other person needs.

Your Ultimate Guide To A Long Distance Relationship: Do’s And Don’ts

DON’T Wallow In Sadness

Don’t avoid the rest of your life while you are spending this time away from your partner. Spend time with your friends and family. Explore new interests and create healthy habits that will ultimately benefit your relationship. They say you can only love someone else once you have learnt to love yourself an here’s your perfect opportunity to do that. Your partner will be in a good mood because you’re in a good mood.

DO Make Plans

Having something to look forward to like a weekend together or a holiday in a few months time will make the waiting worthwhile. Being in a long distance relationship with no timeline or shared goals will cause frustration and misery so having concrete dates and visits will ultimately benefit the relationship.

Add a countdown to your phone so you know how long it will be until you’re in each others arms again.

Your Ultimate Guide To A Long Distance Relationship: Do’s And Don’ts

DON’T Be Afraid Of Change

You are both individuals who are free to pursue your dreams. You will both grow and change as time goes by, and so will your relationship.  If there is a time when you come back together you can say that the distance was all worth it and that it made you stronger as a couple. You may find that this was a test of strength and resilience, one that ultimately helped you realise what you really want and need from your relationship.

Remember to love and support your partner unconditionally. Which of these pieces of advice have helped you and your long distance relationship?

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