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10 Ways To Find Magic In The Holiday Season In Quarantine

This year has been a whirlwind of craziness for us all and now we’re getting ready to embark on our first holiday season in the middle of a pandemic. This is going to be very different and hard to get through for some. Which is why I am trying to help re-ignite some magic in the holiday season for you all. As weird as this season may feel, we can make it better and try to restore normalcy or even just bring out some new traditions. Below I have some suggestions for how you can bring out the magic in this holiday season.

1. Christmas Carols Or Holiday Classic Tunes

The first step to any good holiday season is getting into the spirit with holiday music. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there are plenty of wonderful winter wonderland songs that will make you feel like you’re living in the most beautiful snow day. Some people begin listening to festive music in October, others wait until December 24th. Good news is, it doesn’t matter when or how often you listen to it. All I suggest is that at some point during the holiday season, you do listen. Festive tunes have a way of boosting spirits like nothing else in this world. So, play some christmas bangers and let yourself fall into the spirit. 

2. Movies

Ah, The holiday season, Hallmark movies’ time to shine. No matter what holidays you celebrate, there are plenty of options of movies that will fling you into the holiday spirit. I personally love to fall down a rabbit hole of every christmas movie ever created starting November 1st but you don’t have to be as aggressive about it as I am. The best part about holiday movies is that for an hour or two, you are completely invested in a very festive beautiful little world. I swear, nothing can inspire the holiday spirit more than that.  

3. Decorations

Decorations can be such a pain in the butt. You dig them out of the depths of your basement only to put them out for one month then take them back down, I get it. Although they’re a pain to take out, they boost the energy and holiday spirit around your place by a million. Decorations are worth the hassle because they really make it feel like the holidays. Nothing makes me feel like Thanksgiving the way seeing my mom’s turkey decoration in the kitchen does. Plus, decorating can be a family activity. Use this as an opportunity to get the whole family involved and helping. 

4. Memories

Do anything you can to make memories. This one is even more important than in previous years because this holiday season, although different, is going to provide most of us with more free time than usual to bask in the memories of the holidays. Since some of us won’t be seeing extended family on the holiday’s this year, we have the opportunity to make new memories with your immediate household. Nothing looks the same as the past moments did this year, so we all have to re-route and create new memories and traditions. 

5. Genuine Gifts

The more heartfelt the gifts you give are, the more you’ll feel inspired to give them. You know that feeling when you got someone exactly what they wanted and you can’t wait to give it to them? That’s one of the best feelings the holidays provide. So, this year, invest your time in coming up with thoughtful genuine gifts for anyone you’re buying for. That will elevate your holiday spirit through the roof. 

6. Be Present

I beg of you all to focus a little extra on living in the moment this year. For some of us, the holiday season will be the first glimmer of hope we’ve seen in a while. This has been a hard year for the world, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate surviving it than to live in the moment and really enjoy the holiday season. 

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7. Tell Everyone You Love Them

This is a big one for all year round but especially during the holidays and especially, this year. The holiday season can be a very lonely time for people and with the pandemic roaming around still, we are not left with much freedom to take in more loved ones to celebrate with this year. So, just be sure to tell everyone you love that you love them. It will go a long way this season, I promise. 

8. Find The Lights

Debatably the best part of the holiday season is all the lights lighting up the snowy ground around you. Christmas tree lights, string lights, house decorations, etc. All lights spark immense joy in my life and hopefully yours too. A great socially distacned activity is finding a house in your neighborhood that is all decorated for christmas so you can drive by and enjoy the beautiful lights. 

9. Discover Your Inner Child

The holiday season is almost always most enjoyable for children. You know why? Because children know how to find the magic in the little things. The holiday season is all about magic and love. I know most of us cannot go back and believe in Santa again but, that doesn’t mean we can’t find the piece of us deep down that used to get butterflies waiting up at night to open presents. Whatever holiday tradition brings out your inner child is one you need to hold on to extra tight this year.

10. Find Ways To Be Closer To Your People

This one is simple, in the middle of a pandemic, most of the people you love are separated from you. So, find a way to bring everyone together. Zoom calls, Facetimes, Online Games, all are great options of how to get everyone you love to participate in something amazing together, virtually.

Comment down below what your favorite holiday movie is! I am always looking for new ones to watch. Oh, and be sure to let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to make the holidays magical this year!

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