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5 Outfits To Wear At Your Next Fourth Of July Party

Outfits at Fourth of July parties are a great opportunity to show your own individualistic style. Finding a way to incorporate the Independence Day theme with your clothing can be tricky. Here are 5 outfits to wear at your next Fourth of July party that will make you feel stylish and on theme.

1. Beach Look

Fourth of July parties on the beach can be the best experience! Finding a way to incorporate beach-appropriate clothing that is festive and stylish is the best way to go!

A beach look normally has tops that have a flowy design. A white tie top, swimsuit top, drop shoulder button-up blouse, and camisoles can all create this beach look. Tops are also a great opportunity to incorporate the bold colors of red, white, and blue!

The INSSTREET brand has a great top for this particular look. Their April Satin Kimono Tie Top gives you the billowy style that you normally see with a beach style while also having a plunging neckline. This sort of top is a great opportunity to style with a bralette.

Wearing wide-leg trousers and draw-string pants will complement the beach-style top. The West Wave Beach Pants with the brand O’Neill are a good example of what this would look like. Not only are the pants comfortable, but they are fashionable and will easily help create a Fourth of July look with the color design.

A floppy beach hat or beach scarf can complete the look. There are many different ones to choose from so looking for those that complement the rest of your outfit is the best bet.

2. Printed Dresses

Printed dress outfits at Fourth of July parties are the best opportunity to be bold and find new ways to push the limits of your style. Finding the best-printed dresses can come with some twists when needing to incorporate the holiday theme.

There are many red, white, and blue dress prints that you can choose from. Clearly, the different color combinations are a possibility to consider. Dresses with all three colors may be what you want and need! For those who want a more subtle look, finding a printed dress that just has two out of the three colors may be the way to go!

Different printed dresses include florals, stripes, geometric patterns, and more. The style of the dress is another variable. Do you want a classic, short sundress? A long drop waist dress? A casual maxi dress? All decisions are up to you!

Lulus has a printed dress named Walk The Walk Blue Floral Print Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress that is a great example of how to take a standard printed dress and use it as a Fourth of July outfit. This mini dress is simple and cute while giving you an ample amount of opportunity to style it with accessories like a red headscarf or red jewelry for additional holiday spirit.

3. Classic Summer Style

The classic summer style is as I like to say, an American classic! Outfits at Fourth of July celebrations with this classic summer style are very versatile. The main way to achieve this look is to keep it simple and vintage.

High-waisted shorts are a good option for bottoms with this look. There are different colors and styles that high-waisted shorts can be found in. White or blue jean high-waisted cutoff shorts is an idea!

The top looks best when tucked into the high-waisted shorts. Finding an American-themed oversized hoodie or graphic tee can really amp up this classic summer style. One graphic tee that fits the classic summer style is the Pink Lilys American Star Graphic Tee Heather Dust. It’s simple, cute, and perfect to pair with high-waisted shorts.

4. Overalls

Overalls are a great option for a Fourth of July party because of the different ways to style them. The way to style the overalls is up to which style closely matches your own personal preferences!

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Although the most common color for overalls is denim blue, red and white overalls are also available to shop and buy. The brand Utyful has overalls that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Finding the one that is best for you shouldn’t be hard to do.

When thinking of outfits at Fourth of July parties, short-sleeves and shorts are popular picks. Overalls can give you some flexibility in outfit design. Overalls can give you a choice in length differences- pant overalls and short overalls. The look of the overall bottoms can be styled as cut-offs or folded. Lastly, there is the choice in style on if you want the overalls to be tight or baggy.

Lastly, the clothing to pair with the overalls is another way to uniquely style them. Styling the overalls with a crop top or sports bra is a more summer style of fashion. If you need more layers, pairing the overalls with a button-down shirt or a long graphic tee is a great idea. All of these options can incorporate the colors red, white, and blue, so staying on theme shouldn’t be a problem!

5. Bold Patterns and Groovy Styles

Outfits at Fourth of July parties can incorporate bold patterns and groovy styles. This style of outfit is for you if you want to stand out and take a risk!

The star pattern is a great example of a bold pattern that will match perfectly with the Fourth of July theme.  This bold pattern can be found on several different items of clothing. Pants, hoodies, and crop tops are some of the best clothing ideas to incorporate stars into the outfit.

A groovy pant set is another option! FashionNova offers the A Day In Cali Pant Set. The quirky design and style of this outfit are guaranteed to be a showstopper at the Fourth of July party! The colors match perfectly for this holiday as well.

Do you love any of these Fourth of July outfit ideas as much as we do? Spill your faves below!

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