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10 of the Best Holiday Games

The Holidays are coming which means this is the perfect time to start decking the halls with holiday joy, and what better way to do this is to play some festive games with your families. Here are 10 of the best holiday games to play with your family to get into the holiday spirits.

1. Candy Canes (Christmas Spoons)

We have all heard of the card game spoons, well this version is the same but has a bit of a holiday touch. Instead, it is called “Candy Canes”, where You’ll need a deck of cards and 3+ people circled a pile of candy canes, one less than the number of players. Everyone takes turns pulling cards where the goal is to be the first one to get four of a kind. Then, take a candy cane as slowly as possible. Once that happens, everyone else must quickly grab the remaining candy canes. The person who is the last to get a candy cane is eliminated. Do this until one winner remains.

2. Santa Limbo

Have participants wear “Santa Belly” by placing a pillow under their shirt. Then, place a limbo stick at a starting height. Everyone must line up one by one try to limbo underneath with the Santa belly until everyone has tried. Now, this is where it gets more intense, slightly lower the stick, and have those who made it through go again. Continually lower the stick until one winner is recognized as the agile Santa.

3. 12 Shots of Christmas

We are all familiar with the famous holiday song “12 days of Christmas”. This time, try adding a bit of a kick to it by downing 12 shots of liquor. There is always that one person in your family who loves to get their drink on during the Holiday season. If this is true, try having them play this game where everyone sings the traditional 12 days of Christmas song, but instead of a partridge in a pear tree, it’s a Jager Bomb. If you can make it to 12 days or “shots”, you’re looking at a very lit-up holiday.

4. Guess the Stocking

Ever wanted to know what was in your stocking days before Christmas, the game “Guess the Stocking” is a great way to play with your family when it comes to guessing. First, you need a host to put random items in all the stockings. Once it’s stuffed, tie a ribbon around the top of all the stockings so that no one can peek inside. Sit in a circle and pass it around to let everyone feel what’s inside. Give them note cards so that they can write down their guesses. The person who guesses the most correct items is the winner of what is inside the stocking. Think of it as getting extra gifts on Christmas day.

5. Pin the Nose on Rudolf

Remember playing pin the tail on the donkey at a birthday party? “Pin the Nose on Rudolf ” has all the same fun and excitement. Get an image of Rudolph and place it on the wall then get a red circular piece of paper or cotton ball with a thumbtack or piece of tape. Then blindfold the participant, spin them in a circle, then have them try to pin the nose on Rudolph. Mark everyone’s attempt with their name. Make sure everyone gets a chance to pin the nose and whoever pins it most wins.

6. What’s in the Chocolate

What’s sweeter than grabbing a nice cup of hot chocolate during holiday times? Playing a game of Hot Chocolate trivia. There are a ton of hot chocolates to try from vanilla, Arabica bean, Cinnamon, and brown sugar. If you consider yourself an avid hot chocolate enthusiast, try putting it to the test. Get some mugs and fill them with hot chocolate, have each person taste each mug of hot chocolate while blindfolded. Using your taste buds, try guessing what kind of hot chocolate it is with the answer written in front of you. If you get the answer correct, that’s a free bag of coffee if not, you have to chug the hot coffee you got wrong.

7. Christmas Carol Guessing

Write down this list of Christmas carols on separate flash cards. Divide players into teams and have one person draw from the pile of cards and has one minute to illustrate the Christmas carol. If their team guesses correctly, they get one point. always make sure to switch the team artist and songs. Teams will take turns until one reaches the maximum score of twenty points. Think of this game as another version of charades. 

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8. Christmas Movie Marathon

The Holidays are the times to watch our favorite Christmas-themed movies. There are soo many to choose from, it should be turned into a game. Starting on December first, you should make it your mission who can watch the most Christmas-themed movies. There are tons of perfect holiday-themed movies to choose from Home Alone, Jingle All the Way even a Nightmare before Christmas the possibilities are endless.

9. Holiday Family Feud

Players are broken up into different teams. They answer questions from this list of holiday-themed survey questions. Each team is given a certain amount of  time to write their four answers on a piece of paper. The judge then reveals if their answers on the list are correct and the authenticity of their answers. The number one guessed survey response is worth 50points, 20 if it’s number two, and so on. Once all the questions have been answered, the points are counted up to decide the winner.

10. Secret Santa

The best way to keep the holidays festive is by trying new things. A secret Santa gift exchange is the perfect way to see if your family knows soo much about a person. Play this game by writing down your name on a piece of paper and placing it in a bowl. Next without looking into the bowl you grab a slip of paper with someone’s name at random. The name that is on that sheet of paper is the person who you get a gift for. This is a game to play if you want to break the ice in the family.

Christmas is the time for families to come together and share not only good memories, but have fun with each other playing wacky games to create good memorable moments. What is your favorite game to play during the Holidays? Let me know in the comments section below.

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