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10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

Due to the massive spread and panic of the Coronavirus, families have been quarantined or forced to social distance. Because of the close quarters and everyone getting a small case of cabin fever, families are starting to drive each other crazy. A lot of families (including my own) are choosing to get away for some long-awaited relaxation after all of this is over.

Here are ten vacation ideas for when the coronavirus ends.

1. Visit Orlando

Orlando the theme park capital of the world is a destination that’s loved by all who visit. Packed with so much to enjoy, see, and do, it’s easy to see why. And, if you’re thinking of visiting for the first time, I encourage you to do so as it’s a holiday destination, that’s unlike anywhere else!

Orlando holds the title of theme park capital of the world for good reason! Home to world-class theme parks including Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld to name but a few, Orlando screams perfect vacation to go on after the coronavirus.


For those days away from the theme parks, Orlando has so much for the whole family to enjoy. From soaring high in the Orlando Eye and enjoying some crazy golf to learning about all things wacky at Ripley’s Believe it Not, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to family activities in Orlando. What’s also great about these activities is that many of them are indoors (eg Madame Tussaud’s and SeaLife), so they’re perfect for those rainy days.

Orlando offers a fantastic nightlife scene for anyone who still has some energy after a day in the parks! CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort is a fantastic spot with many bars throughout. Disney Springs is another great area with lots of nightlife options. And if you’re staying on International Drive, you will find some lively bars within the area also.

For those wanting to see more of Florida, Orlando is the perfect base to do so. Whether you want a day by the beach on the Gulf Coast, a road trip to Miami, or maybe you want to experience Kennedy Space Centre on the East Coast or Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Orlando is the perfect central base to see and do so much throughout the state of Florida.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends


2. Cedar Point

The once small town of Sandusky, Ohio is home to the rollercoaster capital of the world: Cedar Point. Coming to its 200th anniversary, Cedar Point attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year. From its craziest roller coaster to the kids’ park, Cedar Point has something for every member of the family, from the biggest to the smallest.

With just over 50,000 feet of track, Cedar Point is named as the rollercoaster capital of the world and rightly so. No other amusement or theme park in the entire world has as many rollercoasters as Cedar Point. With as many as 11 miles of track, there is bound to be a ride that suits everyone’s needs whether it be the Woodstock Express or the Gatekeeper. Therefore, all the Debbie Downers can’t say, “There isn’t any ride here that I like!” Try again, Debbie Downer.

Some amusement and theme parks center around teenagers and adults. While that is all fine and dandy, sometimes the kids feel left out because they can’t ride the big rollercoasters because of their height. Cedar Point doesn’t have that problem. It does contain rides that you have to be a certain height for, Cedar Point also has rides and activities for the kids. There is an entire section in the park (Camp Snoopy) that is dedicated to the kids. From the dressed up Peanuts Gang to fun, mild rides, Camp Snoopy has something for every kid to have fun while his/her parents enjoy themselves as well. In Camp Snoopy, kids can ride the Woodstock Express, meet the Peanuts gang, or even play on the fort inside the park. There is no stopping the fun for the whole family even if there is a little one in the mix!

Most parks charge an outrageous price for mediocre food– however, Cedar Point is not one of those parks. To some, the prices may seem a bit expensive, but the French fries and elephant ears are to die for. At the end of a night at Cedar Point, my family and I make sure that we eat the French fries and elephant ears, no matter how tired we are. They are that good. There is also a mix of concession stands and restaurants, so if you want to have a full dining experience or not, everyone has the option. There is even a buffet restaurant inside Cedar Point called Midway Market for all the bottomless stomach eaters out there.


In conclusion, no matter if you are a rollercoaster enthusiast or a tame fair ride person, there is something for everyone at Cedar Point, making it a perfect vacation for after the coronavirus pandemic.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

3. Visit Vegas

It’s your turn to shine. So why not treat yourself to something truly spectacular? Start by snagging tickets to Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil. This adults-only, cabaret-cum-burlesque performance is one of the Strip’s most successful and provocative shows. Switch up your workout with intense belly laughs at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade + Experience, featuring famed and up-and-coming comedians. In the mood for some adrenaline-fueled fun? Then scoot on over to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Watch a NASCAR tournament, or test your nerve behind the wheel of a 600-horse-power car with the thrilling NASCAR Racing Experience.

Show your body some TLC at the ultra-healthy Canyon Ranch Grill at The Venetian. Feast on grilled tofu with roasted golden beats – an excellent vegan and gluten-free option. Then head out of town for a Kayak Las Vegas one-day adventure in Black Canyon. Paddle down the Colorado River, past Lone Palm Canyon and Emerald Cave, keeping an eye out for bald eagles, coyotes, and red-tail hawks. And don’t forget your bathing suit − this spellbinding trip ends with a blissful soak in some natural hot springs.


Your rent or mortgage payments may actually be higher than Las Vegas base hotel rates. What better reason to reward yourself with a weekend away? Consider staying at El Cortez – a historic hotel and casino in the heart of downtown with room rates starting at $25. In the mood to party? The Rio Total Deal is an all-inclusive food, drink, and accommodation package, which includes a $250 daily food limit, a daily maximum of 12 drinks per person, and free entrance to VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub.

Vegas is the perfect base from which to explore all manner of natural wonders. How about a Sunset hot-air balloon ride over the desert? On this one-hour flight, you’ll swoop past the Vegas Strip, soaring high above nearby Red Rock Canyon as the desert skies are streaked with red and gold. Or perhaps you’d rather experience a helicopter tour of Grand Canyon? You’ll be picked up from your hotel and transferred to Boulder, where you’ll board your chopper, and take a mind-blowing journey over the South Rim and the Dragon Corridor.

I firmly think you’ll enjoy yourself in Vegas after the coronavirus ends.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends


4. The Beach

Studies have shown that the very sound and smell of the beach can help to significantly reduce our cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress. Taking in a beautiful ocean view, and deeply breathing in the ocean air, with all its natural minerals, can go a long way to help you decompress and de-stress.

Fresh sea air is loaded with negative ions. When you breathe these ions in, you are essentially balancing out the chemicals in your brain that work to combat the onset of depression. A study conducted showed that those individuals who were exposed to negative ions tended to be more cheerful and suffer less depression and anxiety. In addition, the color blue itself is known to bring about a feeling of peace, healing, and compassion.

Just the act of leisurely staring out upon the tranquil blue horizon can do wonders to tap into both your imaginative and creative side. With the relaxation that you will achieve, you are won’t be so bogged down by the work-a-day demands that clutter and fill up your mind. This will give you time to tap into your creative side and develop a world of new inspiration.

With all the negative ions on the air when you are a the beach, you are going to have a massive increase in both your focus and overall mental alertness. Believe it or not, you will retain a sharper focus just simply by breathing in the air. Your concentration will increase as well, which will lead to even better focus and mental acuity.


Studies have shown that the sound of the seawater as it tickles the shoreline can have a calming effect, and have shown to in some cases alter brain waves. Couple this with the calming effect that looking at the sea can give you, and you have the perfect recipe for allowing your brain, and body, to slow down and essentially recharge itself.

The sea, with both its sounds and its sights, is the perfect prescription for rest and relaxation. Not only for your physical body, but for your mental state as well. Why not head out to the beach and get in some recharge time after the coronavirus.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

5. A Cruise

Travelers who haven’t yet tried a cruise tell us that popular cruising myths like “I’ll get seasick” and “I’ll feel claustrophobic on a ship” are among the reasons they’ve not yet crossed the gangway.


At the same time, compelling lures, like commercials you see on TV of families sliding down onboard waterslides or of couples gazing out to sea from their private balcony are tempting. Friends who have cruised and who come home from a holiday just raving about the experience make it sound even more tantalizing.

Cruises offer great value for your vacation dollar because the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip: food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment, and transportation between destinations. We regularly see fares on mainstream cruise lines for under $100 per person, per night, which is astonishingly cheaper than you’d spend on land for a hotel, dinner, and a show. On some lines, kids even sail free or at discounted rates when sharing a cabin with two adults. Looking for luxury? Upscale lines are even more inclusive, with alcohol and soft drinks, gratuities, shore tours, onboard spending credits, and even flights bundled into the fare.

On a cruise, you unpack once and your floating hotel takes you from city to city or from island to island and there’s no need to mess with train or ferry schedules or lug your suitcase along cobblestone streets. Every morning, you’ll wake up in a new place. Can’t decide between St. Lucia and Barbados, or Italy or Spain? Why choose? Pick an itinerary that visits all the cities on your wish list.

From tots to teens, grandparents to grandkids, cruises are fun for all ages. If you’re struggling to find a vacation that your 5-, 10- and 15-year-old will all love — and that has adult activities, too — ships now have extensive kids’ facilities, split by age. Teens have their own cool hangouts, far away from the play areas for the little ones (and certainly a nice distance from parent-friendly pools and bars). How can you not love a trip that features video games and swimming pools, while offering time for families to be together at dinner or on shoreside excursions? And parents can even sneak in a romantic dinner alone, by taking advantage of late-night hours in the kids’ club.


The ideal cruise ship for one person may be a mega-ship outfitted with onboard rock-climbing walls and outdoor movie theaters, while another will prefer an intimate ship with an upscale ambiance and someone else will want the seafaring experience of a masted tall sailing ship.

Luckily, all those different types of cruise ships exist and it makes a wonderful choice for a vacation after the coronavirus.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

6. Go to a Festival

If you are a music fan, and your favorite artist is playing at a festival, there is no best way to see him live! Generally, music festivals give you good value for money – a single concert by a really good DJ or some famous pop/rock band would cost you around 40 pounds… for this amount a day you can see at least four performances in a row (if you can run from one stage to another, even more!), several days of fun, and a camping site included in the price. Plus, it is a really good way to discover new artists/genres that you might like: a lot of emergent artists and bands play for their first time at minor stages at festivals. In ten years’ time, you will say “I was there!” showing pictures of that special moment.


Normally you would go to a music festival with a group of friends and you can be sure you will have an amazing time. It is not just about sharing the experience of your favorite DJ’s live set: is the road trip, setting up your tent, sleeping under the stars, playing the guitar before you go to bed, get up together to the sound of music, drinking under the sun… in other words, enjoying life! If you will ever have to list the top 10 best moments shared with a friend, for sure one of these will be the festival you went together to!

Yes, it is true, I have just told you that you will share amazing moments with your best friends of a lifetime.. but this doesn’t mean you cannot make new ones! Your tent’s neighbors, the guy playing the guitar on the other side of the camping area, the girl next to you during the last concert of the day, the guy lining up with you at the bar… everybody is there to enjoy their time and have fun, everybody is happy and positive: it is so easy to start talking to people and make new friends. That’s the festival atmosphere!

You are not a camping person, you don’t enjoy nature, you are afraid of insects and don’t like to sleep on the ground? Camping at a festival is still something you have to try in your life! The best part is that you can “enjoy” the camping experience surrounded by thousands of people (all the scary animals that normally come out at night will definitely stay away from the camping area of a festival) and usually you do not camp for more than 4/5 days, so it is still shorter than an actual camping holiday.

Still not sure? More and more festivals are offering luxurious camping alternatives that will let you enjoy the festival crowds during the day, and a safe, quiet, relaxed atmosphere when you want to sleep.


You have the sun, you have good music, you have your friends: the picture is not complete without a good drink. You can enjoy your cider, the typical Pimm’s, or even craft beers and real ales! The best part is that nobody has to worry about driving home – everybody is safe. Be sure you don’t go too far though: read our tips on how much you drink at a festival and drink responsibly!

There is no other words to describe it: the music, your friends, drinking, dressing up, being outside, meeting people, flirting, being on holiday, tanning, laughing, enjoying life! It’s perfect to do after being locked inside from the coronavirus!

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

7. Go to a Concert

If you’re like me and didn’t know the difference between a music festival and a concert, I’ll explain.


When you attend a music festival, it is typically considered a large, community gathering because there are lots and lots of attendees. There is usually a lineup of performances that happen over the course of at least a few days and plenty of musicians within that lineup. Festivals may be genre-specific, but they may also consist of a mashup of a variety of genres as well.

These are large, organized events that may or may not feature multiple stages, and typically occur outside. Unlike most other types of music events, festivals usually feature options for eating, drinking, and shopping, as well as activities to participate in and even options for camping/staying.

Concerts have been happening for centuries and centuries. A concert is simply any live music performance that happens in front of an audience but usually consists of a smaller, more-specific lineup of musicians and artists. Concerts can feature single performers, bands, or groups. ensembles, or a few different performers. These can occur in a variety of settings and have very small to very large audiences.

Concerts are typically highly-organized and happen at venues that are dedicated to that specific purpose. Concerts are considered a more “formal” experience than a festival or rave, and typically feature specific seating arrangements for each audience member; whereas raves and festivals are simply open and do not require assigned seating/standing arrangements. Concerts have been a go-to option for people throughout history for the easiest method of experiencing live music.


Concerts are a judgment-free zone. How many situations and places in life can you truly be yourself? At a concert, you’re surrounded by people who are just like you, and that’s the biggest breath of fresh air you can take.

Although the concert you attend may only last a few hours, the memories you make will last a lifetime. Experiencing music live is not something you can physically hold in your hand, but you can feel its effects forever. Music enters your heart and soul and leaves you with the memory of how it felt. Making it a wonderful vacation idea to go on after the coronavirus ends.

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When that wave of excitement hits you, it feels like a current is flowing through you from your head to your toes, setting your soul aflame. The feeling is electric, beautiful, and connects you to strangers and friends alike. Experiencing the vast amount of positive energy filling a venue puts you in high spirits that can not be replicated.


If you’ve ever gone to a concert, you know what we’re talking about. If you yet to experience the “moment,” we urge you to stop what you’re doing, buy a ticket, and get in the pit. When the stars are aligned, it’s like your life has led you up to this point in time, for this glorious feeling of being alive, being you, and being on the planet to experience it.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

8. Go Camping with Your Family

Anyone you ask has a different reason for camping. Some like to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. Some families go camping to revitalize their relationships, away from all the distractions at home. Many youth organizations teach young people how to build a fire, pitch a tent, or read a compass. Camping means different things to different people.

Some activities are just passed on from generation to generation, and camping is one of them. People have been camping in national parks for over 100 years, and many visitors who camped as children, now camp as parents and grandparents, passing on an appreciation for time outdoors.


Camping, whether that’s pitching a tent in the wilderness or parking your RV in a front-country campground, is an immersive experience. Campers feel the rain and wind and snow. (And sunshine!) They might see wildlife in their natural setting. People get to see natural features, like mountains, seashores, or sand dunes, at different times of the day. Spending nights outdoors allows people to view constellations not visible at home and hear the sounds of nature, like the yips of coyotes or the trills of songbirds. More than any other reason, people camp to have an adventure in nature.

Camping…it does a body (and mind) good. The physical demands of camping in the backcountry clearly count as exercise. But any kind of camping has health benefits. Some are straightforward, like setting up camp or hiking. Mental health improves outside. Researchers linked outdoor activity to a decrease in depressive thoughts. Sleeping under the stars helps you get in touch with your natural circadian rhythms, a foundation for high-quality sleep and health.

When you travel to parks, natural areas, or even your own backyard to spend a few days and nights outside, your choice of companions matters. Face-to-face conversations replace personal technological devices for entertainment. And shared experiences shape the memories that make up life-long relationships. Camping is a great time to get back to the basics, without distractions. Sharing stories. Being quiet together. Enjoying a dehydrated meal as if it’s a 4-star cuisine.

Camping requires you to rely on yourself and your companions to meet your basic needs–purify water, build a fire, survive the elements, be alone with your thoughts. But these are more than just survival skills; these abilities give you confidence and self-worth that carries over into all other aspects of your life. It just takes a little effort and guidance, and you’ll be setting up tents in no time!


Or, you could always rent a cabin and call it ‘camping’, like my dad does. Anything without a wifi signal is ‘roughing it’ to him.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

9. Visit a Waterpark

A trip to a waterpark should be a mandatory summer event for every family. Even if you have a pool or a lake in your backyard, the fun of a waterpark simply can’t be matched anywhere else. But since they’re closed off from the coronavirus, it’s best to wait until after the pandemic is over to go.

Water Parks are totally cool, and great fun! Come and get wet. It’s time to get off your computer and stop playing video games. Everybody out, everyone in the water. No matter what you’re into, there are activities for you! Water slides, wave pools, sprinklers, and attractions for everyone, big or small. The though is deciding where to start!


Water Parks are structured, and their installations are high quality and for all ages. Let go all of the stress of the school year and remember that you’re alive! No cell phone, no emails, just fun!

Take on tons of water, waves, curves, and speed while you laugh your head off. Having a safe experience by following the rules is intoxicating and educational. 

Make lasting memories by having fun outdoors. Swim, slide, go up, go down, what a great way to burn calories. Just wait until the coronavirus ends.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends


10.  Travel with Family Members

Family travel gives the whole family an opportunity to spend quality time together, bond, visit new places and create lifelong memories. This is why it’s always a great idea to take a little time away from work and spend some time to travel with your family.

Travel creates a great bonding experience for the family due to the fact that when you take a vacation together, you become a team. When at home, parents and children are consistently on the go – there’s work, school, sports and other activities. There’s little or no time to have conversations among family members – even the weekends are too short. But vacations afford families the opportunity to spend quality time together away from the distractions of everyday life.

Travelling with the family is a very good way to create lasting memories that will linger and cherished for a very long time. Years later, you might stumble upon a photo album or video of your vacation and relive the wonderful memories once again. Memories are meant to be remembered and cherished for as long as you live.

Many families are used to doing the same thing every day, travelling with your family on a vacation helps break that routine. Just as travel creates the opportunity of visiting new places that your family hasn’t visited before, you all can try out new activities such as horse riding, scuba diving, skiing or even learn a new language.


Travel creates an opportunity to break away from our daily routine which involves dealing with deadlines, tasks, errands… All these are bring stress to our daily lives. And without relief and relaxation, it can lead to a condition called chronic stress which is a serious health problem. So, by breaking away from your daily routine you can get relief from the continuous stress and that could be good for your health.

Don’t miss the chance to travel with your family when you have the opportunity to. You may not have the financial ability to afford luxurious vacations, but there are always budget-friendly vacation packages on our website. Seize the opportunity and travel, you and your family will benefit from a well-earned break. And when it is time to return to your normal coronavirus-free schedule, you all will have a clear mind and stress free start.

10 Vacation Ideas To Take When The Coronavirus Ends

I understand that waiting for the coronavirus to end is hard. I’m starting to go stir crazy and a good chunk of my family members are driving me absolutely insane. Comment down below what you’re thinking about doing after the coronavirus!

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