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10 Signs She’s Faking Her Orgasm

10 Signs She’s Faking Her Orgasm

As females, we sometimes fake our orgasms but that doesn’t make us terrible people. It means we’re human. And the reason we don’t tell is to avoid hurting your feelings. But you have the right to know the signs for when your woman is faking her orgasm. And instead of getting upset, you could always talk about the things that the two of you do well and the things that could improve. A healthy couple talks about everything no matter what.

1. Full Sentences

You can tell your woman is faking her orgasm is when she is saying full sentences. When a woman is fully enjoying sex, she wouldn’t be able to form three words into a sentence because of how intense the sex is. And when she’s close to climaxing, she wouldn’t be able to tell you that she’s “coming”, she would make some loud noise to indicate that she’s finishing. But if your woman fully says, “You’re going to make me come” or “I’m coming” or “This feels so good”, she had a fake orgasm. Basically, good sex would not the words out of her.

2. Not Relaxing After

Sex is so good to where you don’t want to move at all, especially for some men who get leg cramps after. But if your woman immediately gets up to get dressed, reaches for the phone, or turns on the tv, then you should know that all of the screaming or moaning she was doing was an act. Good sex exhausts both participants to the point where they both probably fall asleep, but if she isn’t cuddling next to you or seems very energetic, that scream was a fake orgasm.

10 Signs She’s Faking Her Orgasm

3. Muscle Tightening

It’s easy to tell when a guy has finished but harder to tell for a female. After the climax, you should feel your woman’s vagina “flutter” and it’s basically the muscles tightening but not too much. Now, a lot of women know that the vaginal muscles tighten after and they create that result by squeezing their vagina shut and opening it to create the illusion that they “came”. But just know that when the woman finishes, the vaginal muscles tighten but slightly to where it feels like “flutters” and if it doesn’t feel like that, she was having a fake orgasm.

4. “Encouraging” Words

“Encouraging” words during sex are “faster”, “harder”, “more”, “come inside me”, etc. You should immediately know that she’s having a fake orgasm when you hear a lot of those words because when a woman is really enjoying the sex and is close to climaxing, she would never rush the process. If a woman’s right spot is being hit, she’s going to want that feeling to last. If your woman is rushing, she’s not enjoying it.

5. No Sweat

Whether you’re doing all of the work or she is, both of you should have some evidence of sex. When the two of you are having good sex and she’s about to finish, her entire body would be stiff because of the muscles, which causes her to sweat. And it’s not like she’s going to be drenched in sweat, her elbows, area between the breasts, knees, and the small of her back would have some sort of perspiration. And don’t think that the blasting air is an excuse because no matter how cold it is, she would still sweat. If she’s not, you know it’s a fake orgasm.

6. Breathing

During sex, you will know it is a fake orgasm when her breathing is steady. Normally, the breathing would be heavy and faster because of the intense orgasm that is threatening to escape, specifically, it happens at the end when she’s edging. But if her breath is normal and in sync with her body movements, her moans and screams aren’t genuine. Another sign that she’s faking it, her heartbeat. It doesn’t matter if she or you is on top, you can feel her heartbeat and if it’s beating rapidly, you know you got her where you want her, but if not then she isn’t feeling it.

7. Pulsations

This goes along with the muscle tightening, however, this is more geared towards the lower abdomen. If you’ve slipped out before you could feel her muscles tighten in the vagina, you can watch her lower abdominal area. After a woman finishes, you will notice muscle spasms happening in that area, which is a strong indication that she actually finished. But if you don’t, it means she had a fake orgasm.

8. Stare

It’s a fake orgasm if she is looking at you. A woman can’t keep a straight gaze when she’s having good sex. A lot of men think a dead stare is hot and enhances everything and although it is, it also means she’s not on the same page as you. You can tell that everything is legit in her eyes if her stare is distant meaning she may be looking at you but you know that you messed up her focus with your moves. Her eyes could also roll to the back of her head or rapidly blink, which are both good signs.

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9. Make Out Session

You know that moment where you lean down and kiss her? If she doesn’t kiss back or is distracted to even acknowledge your kiss, you are doing a great job. However, if she kisses back fully to the point where it’s a full-on make-out session, she’s is going to have a fake orgasm. Sex is so good to where kissing is the last thing the two of you would be doing, maybe after but not during. And if kisses were needed, they would need to be down low.

10 Signs She’s Faking Her Orgasm

10. Silence

This ties in with the breathing. After sex, you would normally hear heavy breathing or maybe encouraging words like “That was so good” or “Oh my God”, something like that. But if her lips are pursed and she’s facing the ceiling or away from you, she wasn’t feeling it and had a fake orgasm. Don’t mistake her silence for her processing what just happened, maybe she is but not in a good way.

10 Signs She’s Faking Her Orgasm

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