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The Ultimate Guide to the CSUN Party Scene

The Ultimate Guide to the CSUN Party Scene

The Ultimate Guide to the CSUN Party Scene

College parties can be hard to navigate. How do you get in? How do you find out about them? What should you expect? If you keep reading this guide to the CSUN party scene, all of your questions will be answered!

There are three main types of parties at CSUN:

Frat parties

Club/program/organization parties

Dorm parties.

1. Frat Parties

Frat parties are the most stereotypical of college get-togethers. Like all social gatherings, some are fun and others are not so fun. A lot of fraternities will only allow girls (or guys accompanied by girls) to enter the party.


Tip: getting involved in Greek life is the best way to find out about and get into these parties!



2. Club/Organization/Program Parties

These parties are put on by specific groups of people: teams, clubs, or students with similar majors. These are only open to group members and supporters who attend special events. Parties like this can be a fun way to interact with people you have something in common with. If a program or club has a house, then you can definitely expect a good time!

3. Dorm Parties

These are parties thrown in student housing. They are usually smaller and limited to friend groups. Parties like this are usually really fun with more of a kick-back vibe. The best way to get invited to these is to actually live in student housing. However, you can always walk around and find something fun to do!


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So….how do you get invited to these parties?

Typically, word of mouth. Many of them follow school run events. Try attending those. Then, ask around to figure out if there is anything worthwhile going on afterwards. Just remember, the absolute worst way to find out about these parties is anonymous postings on Yik Yak.

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Once you find out, how do you get in?

Knowing someone or having a friend inside helps. Some parties are open to whoever wants to come, but this rarely happens. And remember, if you don’t find any parties, then you can always have one yourself!


Now…go have fun!

It’s college. We are all trying to get an education…and have a good time. So, get out there, stay safe, and experience some of the greatest nights of your college career!

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