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10 Signs You’re a Visual Arts Major

10 Signs You’re a Visual Arts Major

Visual Arts is a major that pertains to inner emotion, self motivation and creativity. Qualities needed to be successful as a Visual Arts major are not ones that everyone can adopt, so it can be a pretty big deal and unique to be one. Visual Arts is extremely broad, especially due to the growing and evolving world. It can range from painting, drawing, graphic design, architecture, curating, sculpture, wood shop, installations, visual communication, art history, animation and so much more. No matter what your specific focus, however, there are a few signs that ALL Visual Arts majors tend to show, making their major just a little obvious!

1. Art is your life

Maybe not literally, but it definitely holds a significant role in your life. You probably aren’t “eating, drinking, and sleeping” art, but you are always doing something related to the field. From drawing during class to just getting that creative urge to spill your imaginative beans onto paper, at any random time.

2. Your assignments tend to stand out

Well of course your Visual Arts course assignments will be related to art, but what about your other courses? A lot of times, you might add an artistic edge or idea to your non-art subjects. I must admit, I have done that to my math research paper and it turned out to be brilliant!


3. You are addicted to art supplies

Being a visual arts major requires so much time and investment. When I say investment, I mean money. Art supplies are expensive and you tend to allocate the biggest budget towards them, probably even more than food and clothing. On top of that, there are so many art supplies to buy, whether it’s a requirement or something out of sheer temptation. You can definitely spot a Visual Arts major when their arms are full of pencils, paper, paint on their nails, and an art bag on a shoulder with more art supplies tucked inside.

4. You feel like everyone is a Business major

Among what seems to be a sea of Business majors, it feels almost unheard of to meet a(nother) Visual Arts major. However, when you do, it’s a moment that makes your day, trust me. If you’re at a party and bump into an art student, it’s exciting. You can actually have a meaningful conversation and talk about hardships other students don’t understand.

5. You will fight about art

You know you’re a Visual Arts major when you’re fighting with a moron and justifying that art isn’t about lines and shapes, it’s much more than that. It’s all about thought and emotion, and the way to represent it. The effort that goes behind your twisted and colorful mind is not something that’s easily achievable. Not only are you arguing about the significance of art, but you often find yourself arguing those awful stereotypes assocaited with the major. “You’re going to be a struggling artist” or “What profession can you really do with art?” UGH. Well, for your information – Visual Arts tends to be the fastest and most accommodating field, research it!


6. You’re a deep thinker

A Visual Arts major is often successful in deep, philosophical thoughts. This is because, apart from your personal emotions, art tends to be culturally, politically and socially influenced. Behind your artwork is experience and research that becomes so ingrained into your brain, it is quite easy to have an intense talk about just about anything.

7. Your observation skills are exceptional

If you’re an art student, you might have good observational and analytical skills (particularly useful for art museum visits), which can come in handy every day. You can interpret and create a whole new significance to a lame object, providing excitement and creativity to every aspect of life!

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8. You can basically apply art to ANY subject

Since visual arts is so fluid, you can pretty much apply or connect it with any other field or subject. Take business – you could start an art related entrepreneurship. Or Public Relations – get into curating. Applying art to Journalism or Writing is easy –  try being an art critique! The list goes on with connections to Environmental Management, Medicine and Psychology, Media and Communication, etc.

9. Your projects go above and beyond

If you are a Visual Arts major, you probably have a natural tendency to make your projects or presentations creative and visually appealing. You often go a step further than what is necessary to make sure your project is visually perfect. But don’t worry, your professor probably appreciates it!

10. You are incredibly expressive

If you have been told that you are an expressive person, chances are you belong in the Visual Arts field. Because what else is visual art? Expressing, handling and portraying your emotions and views about anything in the world. You know how to either sublimely or aggressively show how you feel with a beautifully composed piece of art or design.


Being a Visual Arts major may be tough; you might have creative blocks or maybe some criticism regarding your major, but who cares? It’s something that not everyone can attain and you’re lucky to have such qualities. It’s like a super power. Most people are in awe when you say that you’re a Visual Arts major – so be proud and don’t try and hide any of these telltale signs – they are what makes you, you!

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