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The Needed Tips To Succeed In Your Internship Interview

The Needed Tips To Succeed In Your Internship Interview

Here are the best tips to success in an internship interview that can be nervewrecking! When it comes to locking in a future, it begins with confidence.

After hundreds of applications, an employer has contacted you and scheduled an interview. You are panicking and that’s understandable, after all, internships are that step that comes before getting your dream job. Surely, you are worried about blowing a great opportunity but it doesn’t have to be like that. Employers just want to make sure they are hiring the right person and that’s why they make you endure this painful process. The only way to go through this and succeed is by becoming the person they are looking for, Here are the tips to succeed for your internship interview:

Do Your Research

Before your interview appointment date, make sure you need to know everything or the most important aspects of the company or organisation. Go straight to the main website and click on the “about” section; you will find the most relevant details their and clear overview of their goals and identity. This knowledge, if used wisely, can cause a great impression and demonstrate your commitment.


Dress To Impress

You can’t judge a book for its cover, but, quite honestly, who doesn’t do that? Also, clothes say a lot about you and how serious you are. So, dress smartly, unless they advise you to wear a casual attire. Dress to impress but don’t overdo it, you want to look smart and professional.

Emphasise Your Skills And Personal Accomplishments

Every little bit counts, from volunteer work to lame part-time jobs and work experiences. Share every position you held that has given you transferable skills for the internships. You will find that most of the hiring companies are looking for skills like communication, interpersonal, strong analysis, problem-solving and attention to detail. This is one of the best tips to succeed in an interview!


Remember The Job Description

Sometimes, you apply for so many positions that you end up forgetting what that one job was specifically asking for. Go back again and re-read it carefully. You want to convince them you know exactly what they want and what you will be doing. You also want to let them know how the job description matches your skills, past experience and personal goals.


Be Ready To Provide Specific Examples Of Your Skills

So you are excellent and team working or you have excellent communication skills – how and why? Be prepared to provide examples of specific skills listed on the job description, the interview might want to hear all the details about it.

Bring Examples Of Your Work

Maybe you have an art portfolio or you have written some tweets for a small business, either way, bring everything with you. They might not ask you to show them, but you can be proactive and offer to give them a sample of your work and skills.



Rehearse Answers Beforehand

Google most common interview questions because, regardless of the type of position, whether an entry-level job or an internship, they are always the same: how will your friends describe you? What are your weaknesses? Tell us about a time you worked as part of a team or you handled a difficult situation, etc.

Don’t Be Shy

They will hire the person who causes a strong impression after all. That’s why, no matter how nervous you might feel, try to speak as much as you can and be open and participative. It can be daunting at first, but remember your interviewers are people after all and not some kind of scary monsters.


 Let us know if these tips to succeed in an internship interview help you! Leave us a comment in the section below!

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