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The Top Bathroom Accessories You Need At University

The Top Bathroom Accessories You Need At University

Bathroom accessories are an absolute must for any university student who is looking to keep their bathroom organized and clean.

Going to university, you are going to need some key bathroom accessories. If you are fortunate enough to have your own en-suite there are some pieces that can make the space practical and feel like your own space. If you are sharing a bathroom with other students, there are some key accessories that will make the share a lot easier. If you want to find out what those accessories are, be sure to keep on reading!

A shower box:

The main thing you want in any bathroom space is a shower box to keep all of your key items in. This will make it easy to transport it to A-B and to keep it all in one tidy place. You can buy a portable storage basket from retailers like Amazon, but Ikea and TK Max also have them. if you pick one with holes in, it will allow water to drain from it and also a plastic material will be able to be cleaned with ease. If you are going to buy one-bathroom accessory, make it be this! You need bathroom accessories like this!


Beautiful bath matts:

No one likes getting out of a shower onto a cold bathroom floor. Therefore, taking a bath matt with you is an absolute must. Yes, these are the things you do not think you will have to take as most probably, they have always been there in your life. But no, it’s time to be an adult and pick your very own! How can a bath matt be exciting you may think? But when it is in marble print, it most definitely is. Matalan have their marble tufted bath matt for £10, stylish and soft!

Towel time:

Now if you are going to have a shower, wash your hair, face and even  your hands, you will certainly need a towel. Fortunately, have an 8 piece towel set for £6.60 with an array of colours to choose from. This amazing deal will see you through university with no problems.


Splendid Speaker:

Shower times can be a bit boring, but now you can listen to your music with no problem whilst you wash! From John Lewis, you can buy an ultimate ears wonderboom, bluetooth waterproof portable speaker. It is available in a range of colours for £69.99. it can be immersed in water up to a metre deep for 30 minutes. This handy little device is dust and shock-proof so can be sure to with-stand a life at university. This gadget is an absolute must!

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Helpful holders:

You will need a place to store and hold your bathroom items. Things such as soap and a toothbrush need a place to live, especially if you have an en-suite. You can buy a soap holder and dispenser from many retailers such as Poundland, Ikea or Wilko. You most certainly don’t have to spend a fortune.

Super storage:

Now if you have an en-suite, lucky you! No waiting time and your own space to make your own. If you are a product fanatic, it is likely you may have lots of creams, cleansers and general bits and bobs. These all need a place to live, so a storage container or drawer is perfect to keep it tidy and organised. However, you may be short of room in your en-suite so why not make use of the space you have? Over door organisers are perfect for maximising floor space! You can buy them from retailers such as Amazon and Ikea and often, you will find they are cheaper than storage containers. This is one of the bathroom accessories you need!

What are your go-to bathroom accessories for university? Let us know in the comments below!
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