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The Best Internships To Do If You’re Studying English

The Best Internships To Do If You’re Studying English

These are the best internships to do if you're studying English, and you're lost as to what to where to apply! Almost every student who goes to university interns somewhere, but English can be a bit more broad. Here's the best English based internships!

It’s not easy these days to be guaranteed a job straight out of university; people fall into the trap of not being able to get a job because they don’t have enough experience and not being able to get experience because no one is offering them a job. You also might not know what you want do for a career, as having an English degree, you are able to go into so many different sectors, the choice can be overwhelming. This is why interning is a great way of getting experience in different careers, so that you can add something to your CV while finding out what interests you as a job. Below is a list of some of the best internships to do if you’re studying English!

Journalism internships

A lot of people will do an English degree because they enjoy writing, so why not dabble in the world of journalism. Newspapers all of the country are always looking for interns, especially over the summer. The Telegraph are currently looking for interns for different lots of different departments for three months over the summer

Publishing internships

Being an English student, you’ve probably been labelled a book worm before, so why don’t you live your book loving dreams and go into publishing! There is such a variety of publishers for you to go into so that you can really focus on editing books that you are passionate about. One of the largest publishers in the UK, Harper Collins, are looking for interns for a maximum term of 6 months for their headquarters in London.


Marketing internships

A career that you might not have thought of that you could use your degree for is marketing. This is a sector that will have ample of jobs opportunities, because every company will have a marketing team. Digital marketing is huge now, so why not get experience with Instant Impact this summer.

PR internships

This sector is all about the company being able to communicate their vision to the customer, and you’re excellent writing skills developed through your degree would make you a perfect fit for this job. A lot of internships will develop your PR and marketing skills, just like what this media agency, Boutique Media, is offering.

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What do you think these internships to do if you’re studying English? Let us know in the comment section below!

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