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10 Signs Of A Good Kisser To Look Out For In A Potential Love Interest

10 Signs Of A Good Kisser To Look Out For In A Potential Love Interest

Knowing the signs of a good kisser is an important aspect to any potential relationship. Here are the things you need to look out for!

Have you ever wondered what the best signs of a good kisser are while you’re on the lookout for a potential love interest? Well, here are some things to pay attention to:

They Use Their Hands

If they have paws, then they could be a cat or a dog, and you should probably stay away. But if they have hands and are running them up your body and through your hair then you’ve got yourself a keeper.

They Get A Little Nibbly

Everyone loves a good nibble, just a cheeky one on the lip or ear. But if your partner is nibbling you then you know they’re into the action and want it to go further.


They Lean In, They Want It As Well

If your partner leans into the kiss, then it shows they want it as well. By leaning towards you, they’re showing open body language and committal movements towards you. Reading body language is so important these days, you really need to know what is expected and wanted of you and you need to be giving the same signals to your partner.

10 Signs Of A Good Kisser To Look Out For In A Potential Love Interest

They’re Being Playful, Giggling, Tickling, etc…

If they’re playing with you whilst kissing, maybe giggling a little then it shows they’re enjoying themselves and happily being themselves. If you have a silent motionless kiss, then your partner might be from a different galaxy, or a robot.


They’re Passionate

You want a kiss with movement and sexy vibes and lots of passion. If your partner is stock still and the kiss is dry and boring, then they’re probably not into it. You need the fireworks, you need a little bit of movement.

They’re Experimental

Maybe they’ll slip a tongue in your ear, or suck on something unexpectedly. You just need to go along with it and work out the kinks that work for both of you. But if they are experimental in those first kisses then it shows they want to get to know you better and that they are sharing intimate things with you.

10 Signs Of A Good Kisser To Look Out For In A Potential Love Interest


They’re Part Of The Kiss, Moving And Enjoying

There is nothing worse than kissing someone who doesn’t kiss you back. You might as well kiss a tree, at least a frog might slurp at you. If you’re partner is moving and animatedly enjoying the interaction they could be a fantastic, passionate kisser. This is one of signs of a good kisser you need to look for.


They Vary How They Kiss

Rather than just slapping their tongue straight into your mouth, they might start a little slower and speed up. Or perhaps they dip a little tongue and nibbles on your lips. This shows that they are thinking passionately about the kiss and are enjoying being with you.

10 Signs Of A Good Kisser To Look Out For In A Potential Love Interest

They Read Your Cues (And You Read Theirs)

You move your hands together, you know to move onto other things together. It’s no good with one of you blatantly (or subtly) hinting to move onto something new, or to mix stuff up and the other one not notice. By reading each-others body language you can understand what you both want out of the experience and both have a better time. This is one of the key signs of a good kisser.


They Know That A Kiss Can Lead To More

You need to make it obvious in that kiss what you want from them. It’s no good kissing them, all over undressing them etc and then just getting up and going down the pub. If they’re a good kisser you’ll know because you’ll know what each kiss means and what they want out of each kiss.

They Can Keep Kissing You

Humans need air, but if someone can keep kissing you for what feels like hours. Then they’re clearly pros. You want someone who you can just keep kissing for hours and be happy that you’re kissing them and focus on just them and the kiss.

These are all signs of a good kisser that you need to look out for! Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!
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