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The Remedies For Summer’s Biggest Downfall: Hayfever

The Remedies For Summer’s Biggest Downfall: Hayfever

It's that time of year again: the pesky hayfever is back and ruining your summer. Check out these remedies to beat hayfever and move on with your summer!

Now that summer has truly arrived, so has pesky hayfever. This means if you are a sufferer you have itchy eyes, sneeze constantly and have a runny nose making you want to keep a tissue packet at hand at all times.

Over 10 million people in the UK suffer from some form of hay fever, and although many people have found that symptoms eventually improve with age, that doesn’t solve your problem today.

Want it gone? Here are some remedies to get rid of summer’s biggest downfall: hay fever.


Check out these remedies to beat your hayfever this summer!

1. Antihistamines

There are so many different hay fever tablets out there which will help relieve you of your hay fever symptoms. They work by blocking the chemical histamine which is released by the body during the allergic reaction to hay fever. These are good for both as a precaution or when a heavy pollen count hits you.

2. Nasal sprays

Nasal sprays will help decongest your nose and inhibit your symptoms of  hay fever and inhibit the chemical histamine. The chemical histamine is partially responsible for triggering these symptoms as it can cause inflammation in the nasal passages and airways, resulting in either a blocked or runny nose. Nasal sprays are especially convenient as you can carry it in your bag or pocket for instant relief.


3. Camomile

If you are one for natural remedies then listen up. Camomile tea is perfect for relief of hay fever as it inhibits the release of the histamine chemical, unlike other teas and coffee which are high in caffeine. The anti-allergenic effect is dose-dependent, meaning that the higher the amount of chamomile extract used, the stronger the effect.

Camomile tea bags can also be placed on your eyes to reduce itchiness. Soak them in cold water and then squeeze out some of the fluid, not all, before placing the tea bags over closed eyes.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another natural antihistamine, which means that it can be good at providing relief from hay fever allergy symptoms. In particular, it acts as a decongestant, so ensuring you get your daily intake could be the perfect remedy if one of your hay fever symptoms is a pesky blocked or a runny nose.


The recommended daily amounts of vitamin C you should take vary depending on who you’re talking to, whether it be a friend or doctor, and where you are looking. Adding more foods like kiwi or green/orange fruits and vegetables to your diet could be the trick to helping your allergies, so take a look at your current diet and make changes accordingly and watch the hay fever disappear.

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Supplements for Vitamin C are always an option too if you aren’t an avid veggie eater. If you’re unsure, however, have a chat with your doctor or GP to see what would be best for you and your health needs.


5. Dairy products

Rather than taking something for hay fever why not try to take something away from your diet. Dairy products increase the production of mucus in the respiratory tract (your throat and nose), so if you couple that with a runny nose from hay fever, the two together are going to make things pretty unpleasant.

If you start to suffer from the symptoms of hay fever, like a blocked or a runny nose, try avoiding dairy to help prevent it from getting any worse. You may want to consider other alternatives like soy or almond milk to make the dietary transition as easy as possible.

There are of course other little things you can do at home, such as take off your clothes you’ve worn outside as pollen sticks to fabrics; that way you will not be suffering back indoors.


Give these remedies a try to beat summer’s biggest downfall: hayfever.

Which of these remedies do you plan on trying to get rid of your hayfever? Let us know in the comments below!

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