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15 Best Gadgets Of The Year

15 Best Gadgets Of The Year

Here's the 15 Best Gadgets Of The Year you NEED (and want). Keeping up with 'what's what' has never been harder, but this should make that a little easier.

Choosing a gift can be challenging. You want something they’ll use, they’ll like and (hopefully) they want (even if they didn’t know it). You can’t go far wrong with a gadget gift, ticking all these boxes… so here are the 15 Best Gadgets Of The Year:

1) Phone Photo Printer Dock

While a bit of tongue twister to say, it’s not hard to use! You no longer have to go to the closest store to print your (average quality) photos, or feel forced to embrace this digital age (who doesn’t love a classic photo album?). You’ll actually look at your photos now (wow) instead of scrolling through your endless camera roll wondering why you took so many… This is a definitely a gadget you need.

2) Popsocket

They seem to be all the rage at the moment! As smartphones get bigger, it’s never been easier to manage and hold your phone for daily tasks.


3) Alexa

Listening to your playlists has never been easier. While compatible with most smartphones, talking to your technological friend (although sounds strange and alien) opens doors to a new way of listening (without being tied to your phone).

It also impresses your friends when they pop round. Never a dull moment.

4) Vanity Mirror Speaker

Your morning routine has just been upgraded. With the edging bright lights and Bluetooth speaker, that Monday morning ‘get up’ has suddenly become a million times easier.


5) Cruiser Deluxe Turntable

Transporting you back to 1950, this gadget is definitely one to add to the basket. While a great gift for anyone, the retro sound and look complete any home and is perfect for having guests round.

It’s just fu*king cool.

6) Headphone Organiser

Sounds boring (I know) but it will change your life. Tired of scrambling around for your headphones, wondering where you put them? Or struggling to untangle them when you finally do? (It’s a struggle). An organiser makes your life SO much easier when you just wanna grab n’ go.


7) Fitness Tracker, The Fitbit

If you’re thinking ‘which FitBit is best for me’? then I feel you. There are basically five hundred options out there. Wanting to up your fitness regime, or just looking for motivation to get moving? Fitbit has somehow managed to tailor to EVERYONE’S needs and the prices range too.

8) AirPods

Without wanting to sound/ look pretentious the AirPods avoid all the struggles of untangling. If you’re prone to losing things (like myself) then I’d stick with the organiser (no.6) but if not, you can’t go wrong with this gadget. (Makes a great gift too).

9) Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you want some of the pro’s from the FitBit but also want something more aesthetically pleasing (let’s be honest, the Fitbit isn’t the most fashionable… I know that’s not the purpose… but still) then this gadget will be perfect.


10) Smart Garden

I’d never heard of a ‘smart garden’ until recently. I’ve wanted to spruce up my bedroom with plants (mostly cactuses, yes I’m that basic) but never knew what to get or how to maintain them (it’s mostly a laziness thing). Scrolling through Urban Outfitters (of course they stock it, it’s weird and wonderful) I came across this gadget and you can literally create your own miniature garden in your bedroom with LED lights and NASA inspired smart soil (sorry what).

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11) Ringly Smart Notification Ring

A fashion statement as well as a gadget to reduce phone time. You tailor the notifications you want to be alerted by and a subtle light will do just that.


Who knew these existed?

12) Light Grooves Charger

SO handy. Scrambling for your phone in the dark no more!

13) Mini Clutch Speaker

You never know when you might wanna break out into dance AND look good while doing it. Who’s with me?


14) Selfie Shutter

Perfect for when you and the girls want to get the best group photo without the awkward handling selfie-taking. Someone’s head always looks 10 times larger than everyone else’s (and no one wants to be that person).

15) Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

AMAZING. Designed to not damage your hair (as much as the ‘regular hairdryer’) and SO quiet. No more waking up everyone in the house when you try to dry your hair at whatever time.

These 15 Best Gadgets Of The Year only just touch the surface, there’s SO much out there, but if you want my advice, go by these and you won’t be disappointed.

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