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Top 10 Summer Colours You Need To Add To Your Outfits

Top 10 Summer Colours You Need To Add To Your Outfits

Don't know which summer colours to choose for your summer outfits? Here is a list of the ultimate Summer fashion colours you need to add to your outfits!

It’s time for the Summer colours to re-enter your wardrobe. A new Summer is just around the corner! So start thinking about those cute little summer and holiday outfits NOW because the summer holidays will soon be upon us! Here is a list of the summer colours you need to look out for and add to your outfits to achieve those ultimate summer vibes outfits everyone will want to know about!

1. Yellow

The ultimate Summer colour. It represents Summer itself! The colour of the sun, the colour of daffodils. There’s nothing better than a bit of yellow added to your outfit on a hot summers day, whether it’s a cute little yellow dress, a 2 piece, or even a patterned outfit with just a hint of yellow, you will be sure to feel happy and summery in this summer colour favourite!


2. Orange

All shades of orange have been a hit in the fashion industry recently, so you can never go wrong with a bit of it added to your outfit! Embrace that fruity and citrus feeling by showing off the colour in your outfit choices! Don’t forget: for the perfect outfit finish, add a pair of tan or white sandals matching with a tan bag!

3. Tomato Red

The perfect Summer red colour! Be bold, bright and beautiful including tomato red into your outfit. The perfect colour to match with black or white, or just wear on it’s own as a dress or 2 piece!


If you don’t feel brave enough to include the colour into your outfit, why not try adding it to your lips as the perfect Summer lipstick colour!




4. Sky Blue

You can never go wrong with adding sky blue to your Summer outfits. Whether it’s included in a co-ordinate piece or matching separates, this is the perfect colour to feeling light and stylish as you walk the beach on holiday or the streets at home.


5. White

The perfect colour to show off your Summer tan. If you’ve been catching those rays and want to show off your tanning achievements, white is the go-to colour for the job! And don’t forget to add whatever accessories you like! White matches with every colour, so why not add some brighter accessories to your outfit?!


6. Sage Green

The cute Summer colour that hides away in the winter. Another reason to make the most of wearing sage green in the sunshine! It’s that time of year to start thinking outside the box and wearing different and brighter colours! It’s Summer remember! Style with white or nude shoes and accessories for the perfect outfit match!


7. Tan

As far as the saying goes, it’s lighter for Summer and darker for Winter! This light brown, tan colour is the perfect brown to wear in the sunshine if you’re not ready to give up those Winter colours just yet! Style with black or white for the perfect outfit match, and if you want to add accessories, make sure you stick mainly to gold for that extra bit of warmth!

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8. Watermelon Pink

Everyone loves a bit of pink in the Summer, but watermelon pink is the perfect in-between pink! Not too dark, not too bright and not too light! The perfect colour to wear to the beach or even when walking through those hot and cultural streets abroad!

9. Sapphire Blue

Go all out with this deep sapphire blue colour this Summer. The perfect colour if you want to add to your plain white outfits or are looking for an outfit with a pattern! Be daring, bright and bold! The ultimate Summer outfit colour to wear whilst drinking cocktails on the beach side!



10. Emerald Green

Calling all those Taurus’s! The perfect Summer colour for everyone and birth colour for those of you born in May! This rich green will show off your Summer tan and make you feel amazing! Don’t forget to add silver accessories and tan colour sandals to really make up the perfect Summer beach outfit!


What are your favourite Summer outfit colours? Let us know your Summer outfit choices and tips in the comments section!

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