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Top 5 Easy Updos

Top 5 Easy Updos

Some days you have the time and motivation to straighten, curl, or—let’s face it— wash your hair. Other days though, you roll out of bed, throw on the nearest pair of leggings and a long-sleeved shirt, and throw your hair up into God-knows-what. But that’s OK: sleep is more important than having perfect braids of curly locks. You can still look clean with minimal effort. That’s why SOCIETY19 has scoured Pinterest to put together a guidebook for when you just can’t even, but you don’t want that to show. Keep reading for 5 easy updos anyone can do at home!

1. Low Rolled Updo

This style should only take a few minutes, and it works best on “dirty” hair. You’ll need only a hair tie and a few hair pins to make it work. You start off with a low ponytail, and then split it in half above the hair band, closer to the nape of your neck. Flip the ponytail section into it, and continue to weave the loose ends through. Secure with hair pins, and you’re finished!

2. Ponytail With A twist

Split your messy hair (no need to even brush it) as if you were making two ponytails, and then loop them into a knot. Secure it with a few hair pins, and you’re ready to go.


3. Braided Updo

You’ll need about ten to fifteen minutes for this style. Sorry not sorry. This tutorial can be simplified greatly by skipping the teasing and pinning any bangs you may have back pompadour-style. Separate your hair into two sections, braid them, and wrap them across your head. Secure with hair pins, and, if needed, use a touch of hair spray.

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4. No Slip Bun

Brought to you by Cosmopolitan, quick and easy bun works best with dry, “dirty” hair. You’ll need only three elastics or hair ties, and possibly some hair pins for the end. Start off with two low pigtails at the back of your head, and then twist each pigtail counterclockwise simultaneously. Secure with the third band or hair pins.


5. Easy Intricate Braid

Another one of Cosmo’s easy updos, this braid makes it seem as if you put in a ton of effort. Start off with two low braids at the back of the neck, and then secure the ends with elastics. Next, use hair pins to sneakily connect the two braids, making it appear as if you made an incredibly intricate braid. After that, use a section of hair from you tip and wrap it around the elastic. Tuck it in or secure it with a hair pin. You do you.
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