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The Worst Yankee Swap Gifts People Have Given

The Worst Yankee Swap Gifts People Have Given

Some people take yankee swap gifts to an entire different level. These are the worst swap gifts that people have actually given for Christmas.

Have you ever received a really bad or weird gift from a white elephant/yankee swap? You probably haven’t seen the worst of them! Some gift ideas are creative, some are punny, and some are just useless. These are the worst Yankee swap gifts people have actually gotten!

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1. Gift not included.

If you think about it, batteries are the one thing that are never included in the box, so this gift actually seems kind of generous. Now whenever you watch a commercial for an advertisement and hear “batteries are not included”, you will be all set.



2. The gift of nothing.

Yes, you’re opening a package with literally nothing, but at least you get to unwrap something. If that doesn’t make you feel better about this gift, just remember that you’re not the one who spent money on literally just plastic.


3. Man Glitter.

What’s worse to clean up: real glitter or “man glitter?” Even though you received sawdust for a gift, you can (somewhat) easily clean it up.


4. Beats Headphones.

This DIY gift may be useless and not nearly as exciting as actual Beats, but at least now you have two cans of sliced beets and a snazzy headband.


5. Handerpants Underwear Gloves.

What I want to know is who came up with this idea? I guess gloves and bandages need to step up their game.


6. Cardboard Xbox.

I guess if you can’t afford to buy someone an actual xbox, this is the next best alternative. After all, it’s the thought that counts.


7. Men’s Tie Clip.

I don’t think this will count as “business casual”.



8. White Horse Head Mask.

Except for on Halloween, this head mask will probably stay buried at the bottom of a box in your attic.


9. Push Pin Earrings.

I know some people like to stand out, but these just look painful to wear. Instead, just abandon the earring backs and stick the pushpins in a bulletin board or wall.


10. Talking Bellies.

You have to admit this is really funny. If you are bored and want something to do, just stand in front of a mirror and pretend the face on your stomach is talking.

11.  Inflatable Unicorn Horn for People .

Throw on a tail and you have your next Halloween costume. Other than Halloween, if your siblings are annoying you, you can try getting back at them by poking them with your horn. (Don’t tell anyone you got this idea from me)


12. Christmas Toilet Paper.

This gift makes for a great pun. This just might be the “crappiest” gift you receive, but at least you got a free roll of toilet paper out of it.

13. Fanny Floss.

It’s a funny idea, but hopefully you’ll be able to find another use for it.


14. Manual Hair Dryer.

If you have strong enough lungs, you may actually be able to make use of this and save yourself money on a real blow drier.


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15. Natural Bubble Bath.

Who needs soap bubbles when you can make man-made bubbles?


16. Beginner’s Weights.

I seriously hope this isn’t actually a workout for anybody. If it is, then they’ve got bigger problems to worry about than one of these Yankee swap gifts…


17. Doughnut Seeds.

If you’re feeling creative or ambitious, try planting these and see what happens. Weirder things have happened.


18. Snowman Poop.

Many treats can be made with marshmallows, so get creative and make you want of your “snowman poop”.

19. Cow Seeds.

I guess you can insert any animal name before the word “seeds” and make it one of your swap gifts.


20. “iPad”.

Just imagine the disappointment of opening this box. Also imagine how awkward you’d feel if someone gave you an actual iPad and you gave them one of the “gifts” in this article.


Have you gotten terrible Yankee swap gifts before!? Share in the comments below!

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