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The Worst Desserts To Order When You’re On A Diet

The Worst Desserts To Order When You’re On A Diet

Let’s face it, most desserts are diet killers. They are usually packed with tons of sugar and calories that can throw away a few days’ worth of diet and exercise. Having a dessert dish is ok ever now and then as long as you stay away from these sweet treats. Here are some of the unhealthiest deserts you can order from restaurants.

1. Chocolate Cake- Uno Chicago Grill

Coming in at a whopping 1,740 calories is the chocolate cake from Uno Chicago Grill. With that many calories, you might think they give you at least half a chocolate cake, right? Wrong! There are 1,740 calories in just a single piece of cake! There are also 770 milligrams of sodium and 241 grams of carbs. The recommended daily sodium intake is 1,500-2,300 milligrams and 225-325 grams for carbs. That means you are eating a whole days’ worth carbs and close to half the recommended daily intake of sodium just by eating this piece of cake.

There are also 79 grams of fat in this monstrosity of chocolate goodness. 32 grams of this fat is saturated while 1.5 grams are trans-fat. The average person should eat around 44-77 grams of fat a day. This piece of cake has 3 more grams than the daily recommended intake.

But what about the sugar? Well, 1 piece of this cake has 168 grams of sugar on average! It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that this is an absurd amount of sugar. Most men need about 37.5 grams of sugar a day while most women need around 25 grams. After you do the math, this piece of cake has more than 4 times the recommended sugar intake for men and nearly 7 times what is recommended for women. If you are watching your weight, say far away from this insane dessert.

The Worst Desserts To Order When You’re On A Diet

2. Caramel Fudge Brownie Sunday- Friendly’s

Believe it or not, this brownie Sunday has even more calories in it than the chocolate cake from Uno’s Chicago grill. The only reason it is not #1 on this list is since you are more likely to split this dish with friends than the single piece of cake. The 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream served over 2 chocolate brownies topped with fudge, sprinkles, caramel, and whipped cream comes in at a ridiculous 1,900 calories! It also has 890 milligrams of sodium and 26 grams of carbs.

The Caramel Fudge Brownie Sunday also has 90 grams of fat, 40 of which are saturated. Luckily, this dish does not have any trans fats but that is about the only saving grace for this insane treat. It also contains around 180 grams of sugar which is a diabetic’s nightmare. You might as well just pour sugar down your throat. It honestly would be healthier for you.

The Worst Desserts To Order When You’re On A Diet

3. The Great Wall of Chocolate- PF Chang’s

Yet another calorie-loaded piece of chocolate cake. The Great Wall of Chocolate from P.F. Chang’s gives Uno’s chocolate cake a run for its money. This monster of a dessert packs around 1,700 calories, 71 grams of fat with 30 grams coming from saturated fat, and an astonishing 1,410 milligrams of sodium. As stated before, you don’t want to eat more than 2,300 milligrams of sugar in a day and no more than 77 grams of sugar. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how bad this dessert is for you.

The craziest part about the great wall of chocolate is how much sugar it contains. A single piece of this cake has about 190 grams of sugar. This is nearly 8 days worth of sugar! It also has 259 grams of carbs. The great wall of chocolate might look amazing (which it is), but the toll it takes on your body is not worth it. You will have to spend at least a few days at the gym to burn off this piece of cake.

The Worst Desserts To Order When You’re On A Diet

4. Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake- The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is notorious for its extremely unhealthy deserts, but the chocolate tower truffle cake is its worst offender. One piece of cake has almost an entire days’ worth of calories at 1,679 per serving. It also has 49 grams of saturated fat and 309.5 grams of carbs. This means the average person would have to run about 16-17 miles just to burn off this dessert!

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The Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake also has 970 milligrams of sodium with 190 grams of sugar. Eating one piece of this cake is the equivalent of eating close to a whole cup full of sugar. You would think that something with this much sugar would have less sodium but that is not the case. Next time you are craving a dessert from The Cheesecake Factory, you are better off ordering literally anything else than the chocolate tower truffle cake.

The Worst Desserts To Order When You’re On A Diet

5. Blue Ribbon Brownie- Applebee’s

The Blue Ribbon Brownie from Applebee’s is more than just a small brownie. It is a humongous brownie the size of a piece of cake split in half served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with a chocolate syrup drizzle. This sounds wonderful but it is absolutely terrible for your body. This dessert has an abhorrent 1,520-1,600 calories, 65 grams of fat with 36 grams coming from saturated fat, and 640 milligrams of sodium. Applebee’s Blue Ribbon Brownie has 80% more saturated fat than the recommended daily value and nearly a whole days’ worth of calories.

The Blue Ribbon Brownie also has 225 milligrams of cholesterol which is around 75% of your daily cholesterol intake. It also contains 211 grams of carbohydrates and 147 grams of sugar. While this gut-busting treat might not be the worst dessert on the list, it’s still worth talking about.

The Worst Desserts To Order When You’re On A Diet

These are just a few of the unhealthiest desserts you can order from well-known restaurants. While no dessert is really good for you, some are way better than others. Feel free to tell us some of your favorite unhealthy desserts in the comments below.

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