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10 Things You Need To Do Before Every Interview

10 Things You Need To Do Before Every Interview

Preparing for an interview can be very nerve-wracking. It is hard to anticipate what to expect from them. Although they can cause a lot of anxious, they can cause a lot of excitement too. This article will display all the things you can add to your to-do list to prepare for an upcoming interview. 

Everything on this list should become at least two days ahead of time in order for you to really benefit from them. Relax, have fun, remember to breathe, and showcase your personality because every HR manager loves to see how you would fit in with the team. 

1. Do your research

Research the company and see what they are looking for in an employee. You can even revisit the job posting to read some of the skills they are looking for. Hiring managers would be impressed with your knowledge of the company because it makes you look detail-oriented and organized. Something small as this can really send a message to them that you want the job. Take note of anything that you find interesting in your research to share and talk about with your interviewer.

2. Dress for your success 

Your look is a dead give away to your potential employer if you are suitable for the job or not. If you are at a loss on what to wear, you can always look for inspiration on Pinterest or research interview and the company on Google. You can never go wrong with a simple dress paired with some flats or heels. If you think something is too much, then it probably is. 

Do not be afraid to showcase your personality though, especially if it a creative job that requires some natural charm. For example, you are going to be working at a clothing store or even as an intern for a magazine, they will want to see what your personal style is. 

10 Things You Need To Do Before Every Interview

3. Utilize notecards

Notecards are important, so you will not have to memorize everything you found in your research. Try to fit all your information on one or two index cards. You can write anything that will help you with the interview on these. It would be best to write down certain skills you have that will make you perfect for the position. For example, if you are interviewing for an executive assistant position talk about being great at technology, like Microsoft, or maybe even discuss your planning and how organized you are. If you have past experience that’s even better, so make sure that you mention that before anything else. 

4. Look up the interview process on Glassdoor

Glassdoor always has great information on a lot of positions and companies. They have a 5-staring rating system that showcases other interviewees, a past or current employee that works for that company. It can give you an idea of what to expect during your interview which will make you feel more relaxed because you know you are prepared. Try to do all this beforehand, like a couple days in advance, and also write down all that useful information down on your notecards. 

5. Practice for it

Once you have everything you want to say down, practice it. Talk it out in the mirror with yourself, so you can familiarize yourself with it. This is another technique that will help you feel comfortable and more calm about your interview. Preparation is the easiest way to feel more at ease. As your practice talking about what a good fit you are for the job, you will eventually gain more confidence and believe it. 

10 Things You Need To Do Before Every Interview

6. Have some questions on hand 

Most people are at a loss for what least to say at the end of the interview. No question is a stupid question here. It will send a message to the manager that you are taking your job seriously, and you want to perform it right if you are considered for the position. Do not be scared of anything that you are curious about, including compensation. An interview is actually a two-way process. You need to ensure that the job is a good fit for you as well as them seeing if you are a good fit for it. 

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 . Visualize you getting the job

Imagine yourself with the job that you are interviewing for. This helps with your nerves and also helps you feel more confident about the interview. Visualizing will also help when the interviewer asks you the age-old question “Why should you work here?” This is your time to express all your accomplishments and ambitious for your position with the company, and how things will be so much better and easier with you on their side. 

8. Ask for advice from others 

Talk about the interview with everyone in your inner circle that will be happy for you. This could your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, whoever you know that will be just as excited as you are. Ask these people if they have any use for advice for you. Maybe they have worked in a similar field before, or maybe they could give you some greater general advice for having a successful interview. 

9. Prepare for the basic interview questions

There are tons of throw-away interview questions like “Why should we hire you?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, or even “Why do you want this job?” Have all of your answers to these types of questions ready. 

10. Plan getting ready ahead of time

Getting ready for a job interview should be a calming and relaxing experience. Getting dressed and looking presentable, whether it is for school or work can be very therapeutic, so you should try to do the same with a job interview. f you know the place you are interviewing at is an hour away, then get ready 3 hours ahead of time. This may sound extreme, but what is the worse that could happen? You get there early. Nobody has ever lost out on a job for being there too early. 

10 Things You Need To Do Before Every Interview

Are you going to try any of these tips out at your next job interview? 

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