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10 Things You Will Need For Any Interview

10 Things You Will Need For Any Interview

Things you will need for any interview! It's important not to forget everything you will need to make the best first impression at your interview.

You just got a call or email from a potential employer about an interview for your dream job. This may be a little bit stressful, but hopefully this can help you feel a lot more prepared. Here are 10 must-haves things you will need for any interview! Good luck!

1. Directions

If you are at all uncertain of where to go for your interview, be sure to have a set of directions with you. You don’t want to end up lost or show up late.

2. Gum/Breath Mint

Even if you brushed your teeth, you may have the leftover smell of coffee or lunch on your breath. Bad breath can leave a lasting bad impression, so be sure to freshen up beforehand.


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3. Resume

NEVER forget to bring your resume with you, and multiple copies of it. Also, be sure to print it on resume paper, and not regular computer paper.



4. Portfolio

If you are going into a career that is more creative based, like an artist, graphic designer, fashion designer or filmmaker, be sure to bring a portfolio of all your work. You can brag how great your work is, but it does not mean much if your interviewer cannot see it.

5. Folder

Be sure to bring a folder to hold your resume or any important documents, you do not want to hand in crinkled paper. Also, so you do not ruin any important paperwork they may give you.

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 6. Pens

Bring at least 2 pens, in case the first one decides to not work (this always seems to happen at the worst times). So you can write down any important information.

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7. Notepad/Planner

The pens will be useless if you do not have something to write on!


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8. Questions

If you have any really crucial question to ask, be sure to write them down so you do not forget.

9. Business cards

An interview may become a chance to network with new people, so always bring some business cards to hand out to people.

10. Phone

Because we are so addicted to our phones, this should not be hard to forget. If you are the type of person who uses their phone as a calendar, then you will need it to mark important dates.



Can you think of any more things you will need for any interview? Share in the comments below!

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