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The Types Of People Youll Encounter In Your GenEds

The Types Of People Youll Encounter In Your GenEds

In your Gen Ed classes, the same types of people always appear like clockwork. So, here are ten types of students in college class you'll run into.

At Emerson, Gen Eds can be a necessary evil. We know exactly what we want to do, and Gen Eds can seem like a waste of time. Sometimes they can be great and sometimes they can be god-awful, a lot of times depending on the people who make up the class. So, here are ten people, that without fail, will be in your Gen Ed classes.

1. The one who never shows up

This person shows up on syllabus day and introduces themselves, but after that first day, they will never appear again. Throughout the semester, the professor will ask if anyone has seen this person, but no one will even know who they are. On the last day of class or key presentation days, they will be there as if nothing has happened and will act confused when the professor asks where they were.

Kevin Hart meme with text: " Hello? Who are you?"
Everyone when someone who has been missing since syllabus days shows up again

2. The one who does not pay attention

This person will come to class with their laptop out and earbuds in. It can be quite obvious that they are not even remotely listening, and may be watching Netflix or adding things to their Amazon wishlist. If you were to ask them what the professor is talking about, they would not know the answer, nor would they hear the question.

Students using laptops in a lecture in college
Students multitasking in college

3. The one who complains about Gen Eds

This person knows exactly what they want from Emerson and a Gen Ed is NOT it. They would not even entertain the thought that there are other things worth studying to them other than their major and major classes. Throughout their years here, they will complain about Gen Eds all the time and know exactly how many more they need to take before they are done.

4. The one who wings it the whole class

This person does not know that there even was homework, probably because they were asleep. They have no idea what is going on ever, and are probably not sure what class they are in. They don’t check Canvas and are always asking the professor for an extension. On a side note, they might not even know what Canvas is. 

Meme with a boy and text that reads: "Constantly raises hand in class to ask what the assignments are when they are written on the board"
Typical kid who does not pay attention in class

5. The one who thinks they know everything

This person already took this class in high school and therefore thinks they can teach the course. They will raise their hand to every question and will always reference past projects and assignments. The class will become a competition between this student and the professor over who can dominate the class time. 

Meme with a man and text that reads: Yeah, if you could just let the professor teach the class that would be great"
Reaction to kids who try to teach the class

6. The one who is always eating, loudly

This person will always be eating. It may be snacks or it may be full meals with silverware from the dining hall, but loud chewing is usually involved. And it is always annoying. 

Meme with a creepy yellow colored person and text that reads: "When people chew they food loud, y tho"
Reaction when people eat loudly in class

7. The one who disappears

This person leaves to go to the bathroom every class and then very obviously does not go to the bathroom, and reappears 45 minutes later, possibly wearing a new outfit.

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8. The one who is a group project nightmare

This person will audibly groan when a group project is announced. Then, they will either be the slacker, who does nothing, or the leader, who will do most of – to all of the project and then delegate parts out to everyone else. These two people are equally frustrating, which makes YOU then also hate group projects.

Meme with text: Every Group project in school you have ever done"
People in group projects in college

9. The one who is a supreme multitasker

This person is doing 12 extracurriculars and three sports and runs a thriving nonprofit and also walks dogs and babysits tarantulas. They believe they are God’s gift to the world and sometimes you might believe it too.

Meme of a little girl with text: "I know, Bob. I know I'm too much too handle. And that's because I'm busy being fabulous!
A college student with too many responsibilities

10. The one who is trying to be the teacher’s pet

This person responds to the professor everytime they say something, generally with an “uh huh” or “right” or “good point”. This would be fine except this person is in a lecture class with 70 people, who after a couple times, are not amused.

Meme with a dog and text that reads: "Teachers be like I'll wait"
Teachers when they have to wait to talk in their own classroom


If you don’t recognize some of these people in your Gen Eds, then you are probably one of them. Let us know which one you are or which one is most common in your classes!