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5 Tips For Staying on Top of Things

5 Tips For Staying on Top of Things

How to manage school work and job-related work. When mid-terms start to kick in and everything begins to pile up, here are a few tips to make it through the next few weeks.

As a theme for this week, I find myself quoting Rhianna: work, work, work, work. From school to my part-time job with all my extracurriculars crammed in between, I find myself stretched between my responsibilities, constantly being pulled in one direction or another. It can get overwhelming, an Alice-esque rabbit hole of work that I have to accomplish, never-ending, end-less. But as someone who thrives under pressure, I find myself pushing to the edge of the black hole, pulling myself up from the Wonderland dream I was falling in, back to reality and back to finishing my tasks. With that, I provide my top five tips that keeps me on top of my shit rather than drowning in it.


Two years ago I was gifted a grid journal, detailed with a puffy-paint cauldron stemming on the front as a celebratory gift to satisfy my Harry Potter obsession and my love for journals. What I didn’t know at the time was how that journal was going to become my own personal planner, complete with daily To – Do list so I can see everything I have to do. Now I am quarter way through the journal and with every accomplished task that’s crossed out or folded page to indicate my place in the journal, it feels like an end to a chapter, something I competed and got done and no longer have to worry about. While you could definitely buy a couple blank journals on Amazon, the planners that come with stickers and an already planned set-up can work just as well!

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Do not do everything last minute! Again, another obvious advice but how do you spread it out? I say sort it by priority. Give the assignments that require more work or are due soon, do them first. Split up the work within those assignments too – if it’s reading, read a couple pages a day instead of all of it at the last minute. If it’s an essay, start a week before and write a little bit everyday so the night when it’s due, you’ll be editing your work instead of frantically writing something down just to get it in.

The most important thing to remember is how to manage your time. If you give yourself space, let yourself breathe between everything you have to do, you won’t fall down an endless spiral of assignments.aesthetic, bullet image


You cant do everything, so prioritize the most important. Like I said previously, create a hierarchy with your responsibilities. Don’t let them overrun you or pile up because, unfortunately, they’ll just keep coming and it’s better to push through then just drown in the work.


Also prioritize yourself. Talk to your boss, talk to your professors, make sure you are the priority. If you find that you are going to have too much schoolwork to go in for your job, talk with your boss and see if you could work around your schedule. Same goes for your professors. Never hesitate to ask for extensions, to reach out if you need help. You are not paying money to do this all on your own, take advantage of your resources! They are there for you benefit, I promise.

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Who doesn’t love getting gifts? And when they are from yourself? Even better! Work hard to feel the rewards of your success. Get your homework for the night done before you go out, take breaks on study days, get that ice cream you’ve been craving or go see that movie that everyone is talking about. If it is work, then call off when you need to, plan to not be scheduled for an impromptu “me” day. Whatever it may be, make sure you are reaping the benefits, too!


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Who says your cant get shit done without having fun? Get your work done with friends or go out to a cafe and get that aesthetically pleasing Instagram photo all-the-while getting your work done. When we think work is hard, that’s when it stays boring, but we aren’t paying thousands of dollars for boring, so make it interesting! If you are at your job, chat it up with your co-workers or your costumers, see where they are from or why they are here. Now, don’t talk the whole time, that is still your job, but if you can come home with a friendship at the end of the day, then whats not fun about that?

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Overall, work is still work. It is going to hard, require you to put in grueling hours, and maybe just make you want to rip your hair out. But when work gets the better of you, remember there is a reason why you’re doing it – whether its to snatch that degree or work your way up in the world, it will still help you in the long run. So make the best of it now and reap those benefits later! (And if that still does not work, I have attached a cute, Halloween dog and cat photo – enjoy!)

How do you manage school work? Let us know in the comment section below!