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Off-Campus Opportunities For When You’re Not Doing As Much As You Think You Should Be

Off-Campus Opportunities For When You’re Not Doing As Much As You Think You Should Be

Time flies. All of a sudden you’re in college, and you feel as if you should have done more by now; as if you should have more experience. Students at Emerson College are known for overcommitting, for being a part of everything possible on campus whether it be having a role in multiple EIV shows, or multiple on-campus publications, or a mix of everything. Since Emerson is all about gaining experience, it is a mindset at Emerson that if you’re not doing everything under the sun you’re not doing enough. However, for the minority of Emerson students who are not involved in everything on campus, it can be discouraging to watch your peers’ schedules fill up. For these students, there are resources you can use to get involved in off-campus opportunities.

Internship Fairs

Once per semester, Emerson College holds an internship fair. These events are the perfect way to get your foot in the door with companies, both big and small, and to make connections that can eventually get you an internship. At most fairs, many of the internships are for the following semester, but sometimes you can find some for the current semester. Either way, it’s always a good idea to prepare for the future. When you go to an internship fair, remember to update your resume as well as do some research on what companies are going to be at the fair. This way, you can do some research and come prepared with questions tailored to each company, and you can market yourself correctly.

The Emerson Mafia

The Emerson Mafia is a Facebook group full of Emerson alumni and current students, where different off-campus opportunities are posted everyday. Most of the time, alumni will post job offerings, internships, freelance positions, and even individual projects where you can gain experience in your field. Sometimes students will also post their projects on Emerson Mafia. The facebook group is a good way to find opportunities off campus, as well as make connection with Emerson alumni for the future when you’re looking for a job. Many Emerson alumni want nothing more than to help current students succeed in their respective fields. Us creatives have to stick together!


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 Create Your Own    

Worst comes to worst, you can always create your own project as one of your off-campus opportunities! You’re an Emerson student, this is what you do! If you’re a VMA major, gather some friends and make your own video; if you’re a WLP, get to writing! Although it’s not with a bigger organization or company, doing your own thing is still experience that can go on your resume. It shows that you’re organized enough to get people together and stay on a schedule to make an amazing final product. 


Get Out There!

There are opportunities everywhere if you know where to look. So, don’t be discouraged when you’re not a part of ten different on-campus organizations, go find your own opportunities, opportunities that are unique to you! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Experience is experience no matter where you get it.

What are some off-campus opportunities you can think of? Let us know in the comments!