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The 8 Types of Frat Guys You’ll Meet in College

The 8 Types of Frat Guys You’ll Meet in College

In college you will meet a lot of different people, however, frat guys seem to be in their own little world. Just like there are a variety of “normal” guys on campus, there are also a variety of frat guys you should be aware of. Here is a list of 8 types of frat guys you’re bound to meet in the college (especially if your in a sorority).

1. The Legend

Everyone talks about this frat guy. Literally. He is at every party you go to and he always has a great time. This dude is a legend. You hear about all of the crazy things this guy does; swimming in the river in the middle of the winter, his 24 hour keg challenge, and the senior girl he slept with freshman year. He is the guy every girl wants to take to formal, but no one actually has the guts to ask. The weird thing is, you hear all about these crazy things but you have never actually seen the guy. Maybe he is an illusion, but if he is, he is a pretty bad ass one.

2. The Einstein

This is the frat guy who you are convinced got in just to raise the chapters overall GPA. He sits behind you in your macro class and always knows the answers. In fact, he was probably the only one to pass the midterm. You can always count on him to give you the answers to the homework you forgot to do, and you can definitely count on him to help you “study” for the next exam.


3. The Sister

This frat guy is more a part of your sorority than he is his own fraternity. He is at every walk, cookout, and ice cream social you have. He always donates to the cause you are supporting that year and he even volunteers to help out if you need it (hello mascot). Let’s face it, you love this guy. Sure, he can be annoying at times, but he is always there for you when you need him.


4. The Vineyard Vines guy

A fraternity dream come true, this guy is everything stereotypical about a frat guy. He proudly sports his custom made letters and his Vineyard Vines hat, and you never see him without his Sperry’s. He looks better in pink than most girls you know, and it is probably in his top five favorite colors. He can drink beer like a horse (keg stands for days) but he is always the first to want to have a Catalina Wine mixer. He loves America and he loves his fraternity, that’s for sure.

5. The Meathead

Do you even lift? He is the one always at the gym and trying to get his brothers to go to the gym with him to lose those beer guts. His shirts barely fit his arms (not like you mind), and he has the nicest butt. The squats are seriously working for him. If you can’t find him at the house, chances are you can find him at the gym.

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6. The Shadow

Okay, how the hell did this guy even get in? He is an enigma; he is just a shadow on the wall. He is often at events but you never really realize. He just kind of floats from group to group and does his thing. He never really sticks around for long, but never seems to bother anyone. He’s nice, but in a weird way, and you’re not sure how to feel about him. He might not really fit in with the rest of the brothers, but he sure doesn’t mind.

7. The Jerk

We have all encountered this guy at one point or another. He is kind of attractive but also kind of mean. He knows exactly how to piss people off and he does a really good job of it. Whatever you do, steer clear of this guy.


8. The Heartbreaker (aka Zac Efron in “Neighbors”)

He is handsome, oh so handsome (swoon), and oh so sweet. He has the perfect amount of charm and a really great body. He is hilarious and makes you feel like you have the “high school crush OMG he is so cute” butterflies all over again. He is so easy to like and that is what makes him so dangerous. A man like him can never be tied down so he just floats around like a hot dream. You love to hate him and hate that you love him.
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