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5 Things Only a Tall Girl at UNH Understands

5 Things Only a Tall Girl at UNH Understands

Being a tall guy at UNH is great, but being a tall girl at UNH is an entirely different story. Keep reading for the struggles of being a tall girl at UNH!

1. Most guys are short.

Don’t get me wrong being a tall girl has its perks, just like being short does, but on this campus almost every guy I’ve seen is below 5’9”. I am 5’11” and almost every guy I’ve run into on this campus is shorter than me. When I was a freshman, I thought I was just seeing mostly freshmen boys, and that’s why they were short. But nope, that was wrong.

Sophomore year, I prayed that I would see more tall boys since I was no longer a freshman. Like I said.. Wrong.


Tall boys don’t take a huge population on UNH’s campus unless they are on the basketball or football team!

That is just one of the many struggles of being a tall girl student at UNH. I remember I once visited the University of Massachusetts Amherst for homecoming one weekend, and I was shocked by the number of tall boys. I had gotten SO use to being around shorter boys.

I thought UNH didn’t have any tall men for me to choose from….

There was a point that I almost wanted to transfer just because I thought I wouldn’t find a tall boy on campus (truth be told, I haven’t, and I am dating someone from somewhere else… yes, he is taller than me).


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2. Borrowing clothes can be difficult.

Now that I have presented my biggest struggle of being a tall student at UNH, I will now move into more of the daily struggles I run into. Let’s start with borrowing clothes. That’s just a no go, unless it’s borrowing crop tops on weekends from my friends. My torso is so much longer than all my friends, so I usually can’t borrow their clothes (although, sometimes I do try).


3. …The same thing goes for borrowing shoes.

Having a size eleven foot has got to be the most inconvenient thing about being tall. Finding clothes and shoes to buy for myself seems to get more and more difficult every time I shop. But I have to say that a handful of companies have been getting increasingly better for the variety they offer to tall woman.

But it’s not all terrible…

Aside from clothes and guys, being tall can have its perks. It’s not all struggles. Sometimes it even comes in handy.

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4. We get great views at concerts.

Every concert I’ve been to at UNH I have enjoyed because I can see over almost everyone when I get onto the floor. Unfortunately, most of my friends get trampled on the floor (don’t worry I help them out)!

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5. A faster metabolism can be fun…

As a tall person, I can get away with eating massive amounts of junk food. At this point in my life it has sort of caught up to me, but since my fat travels to so many lengths of my body, I don’t typically worry about my intake. However, I have learned the importance of eating healthier.

So my advice to you…

My advice to you is that if you are struggling with the height that was given to you (if you are giant like me, short, or average height) embrace it. I used to hate being tall. I used to be called a giant almost everyday in high school because I towered over everyone. Sometimes my friends still joke with me about it, but I’ve learned to overcome what others say. Enjoy every aspect of the body you were given, and don’t let anyone bring you down. You are beautiful the way you are!

What’s your favorite thing about being tall, short, or somewhere in between? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!
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