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Tasty Recipes We’ve Tried For You

Tasty Recipes We’ve Tried For You

So, I love Tasty recipes and so does my best friend, youtuber @LaytheGreatTV. With that understanding, we wanted to do a collaboration where we finally tried some of the delicious recipes that we have drooled over forever.

Another added bonus, they are from Tasty’s three ingredient recipes video! So, if you are like me, these simple recipes will be great for you! You know, I am the girl who wrote How To Eat Well When You’re Extremely Lazy, so there is no way I would stand behind a recipe that did not respect that!

1. Ham and Swiss Sliders

This recipe was not featured in our taste testing video, but I can say that they are a win! We all enjoyed them very much. All they require are slider buns, ham, and Swiss cheese. How easy is that? When they are warm, the cheese becomes this soft, stringy, cushion for the ham.

They were made with Hawaiian rolls, so if you are not a fan of the sweetness, you can make them with plain. Laylah also had the genius idea to add garlic butter on top. Can you hear my stomach rumbling? It was delicious. That is also what is great about Tasty recipes, you can alter them to fit your tastes!

Tasty Recipes We’ve Tried For You

2. Grown-up pigs in a blanket

They actually aren’t called this, but to me they were like the grown-up version since they were made with cheddar and puff pastry. Out of all the Tasty recipes we tried, this was my least favorite, but still good.

It tasted like what you would expect from cheese and hot dogs wrapped in dough. The only thing that I personally would do to elevate it would be to add a dipping sauce. I think that a sauce would be great, and help to make this a crowd favorite!

Tasty Recipes We’ve Tried For You

3. Jalapeno poppers

I was the most excited and surprised by this. These were delicious and like you will see in Laylah’s video, we all liked them very much. All you need are jalapenos, bacon and cream cheese. It really is that simple, even though they look like a lot more is required for them.

Balean, who is also featured in the video, had the wonderful idea to substitute bell peppers for the jalapenos for people who do not like spicy food. Which brings me to my next point that these are hotter than I expected, so if you can’t stand the heat, go ahead and try the peppers. The cream cheese cools it down a bit, but there is still a lot of heat.

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Tasty Recipes We’ve Tried For You

4. Peanut butter cups

From the list, this was the one out of the Tasty recipes that had a lot to lie up to. I love peanut butter cups, so I knew that these would have to be great to get my seal of approval, and they were. Unlike Reese’s, these were made with semi-sweet chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

The semi-sweet helped to cut down on the sweetness, so I really enjoyed the dichotomy. I would just say to watch your chocolate to peanut butter ratio, because Balean and I got chocolate heavy cups, so we missed out on some of the peanut goodness. That is a simple fix, so I highly recommend this recipe for your next dessert!

Tasty Recipes We’ve Tried For You

This collaboration of Tasty recipes was so much fun and I want to thank Laylah for making everything, since I couldn’t, and to our dear friend Balean for taste testing! Please check out the video on Laylah’s channel, and let us both know what you think of these goodies!

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