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10 Reasons Why You Should Crochet All of Your Laptop Sleeves

10 Reasons Why You Should Crochet All of Your Laptop Sleeves

Creating your own crochet laptop sleeves will allow you to keep your laptop clean while staying tech-chic on campus. If you’re in need of a new sleeve to secure your laptop, keep reading for the top reasons why you should learn to crochet all of your laptop sleeves. 

1. Choose Your Own Colors

Crochet yarn comes in a variety of colors, from soft pink, cool blue to bold colors like royal purple and caution orange. When creating your own laptop sleeves, you can purchase your desired color in-stores like Michaels or Walmart. Or, you can easily order online, with craft suppliers, like Etsy sellers offering options you can’t buy in stores.  Chose colors to match your dorm decor or your everyday phone case. 

2. Create Cool Patterns

You can choose to make a full solid color sleeve if you’re going for a minimalistic look, like black or beige or you can mix it up with patterns! It all depends on the technique you use to crochet the yarn. You can double crochet, using two different yarn colors, or you can use yarn that is already two-toned and double or single crochet. You can add letters or numbers, by crocheting them separately and adding to your finished product or you can intertwine the yarn once you are done and add in your initials or a polka-dot pattern (by crocheting small circles). 


3. Each Sleeve Will Fit Like A Glove

When creating each sleeve, you must first measure your device. Doing so will allow you to get the exact measurements of your computer. This way the sleeves are easy to slide on and will fit snuggly, instead of being too tight or loose around. The crochet yarn type can also have stretch if you plan on getting a new laptop around the same size and want to keep the same sleeves. 


4. You Can Add Pom-Poms!

Pom-poms are a super-cute design element to add to your finished product.  They are easy to make, by simply following a beginner Youtube tutorial. You can add a huge one in the middle of your sleeves for a dramatic look, or you can add more than one to create a 3-d like, textured pattern. You can use different color yarn for your pom-poms if you want them to off-set your base color. 

5. Make As Many As You’d Like 

The best thing about creating your own sleeves is, you can create as many as you want! You can make some for your friends to bestie-match or you can send some home to your family and friends who also have laptops. If you want to make them for someone else, simply Google their laptop make and model, to base your measurements. The sleeves are personable and thoughtful as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. 


6. Create Your Own School Memorbelia

If you’re tired of the standard school merch, you can create your own with your laptop sleeves. Make them in your school colors by purchasing the matching yarn shade. You can add your initials or school groups and clubs you’re involved in. You can save these sleeves for years to come, as you look back on all of the best memories of college! 

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7. Make Things To Match

Not only can you create your laptop sleeve in various colors, patterns, and styles, you can make cute matching gloves and hats! You can even include the pop-pom accessories on your coordinating accessories like mittens and fingerless gloves. With the colder seasons slowly arriving, try crocheting using fibers with wool blends to make accessories that not only match but are also functional to keep you warm.  


8. Easy To Store

One of the greatest things about the crochet laptop sleeves is you can easily fold and store them. You don’t have to worry about clutter or trying to set out an area in your already tightly organized dorm. Simply fold or roll them and neatly place in a drawer. You can also keep them in an air concealed bag or small Rubbermaid container to simply slide under your bed. 

9. Can Hold Other Things

Not only can you keep your laptop safe in each sleeve, but they also make a great holder for other things. Keep up with your school-related supplies like pens and rubber bands. Or, you can fold your socks and store them neatly inside. The sleeves can hold many other things as well like headphones, glasses, even your old cell phones. 


10. Keeps Your Laptop Clean

Fingerprints and dirt are the worst when it comes to keeping your laptop clean. Since the sleeves are made of tightly woven yarn, a barrier is created between your laptop and the outside world full of dirt and debris.

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