10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

There are a lot of beautiful and stunning Makeup Ideas out there that many young women can use as inspiration for how look their very best during graduation (high school or college). 

As a result of the social distancing measures put into place due to the coronavirus pandemic, events considered mass gatherings have been canceled worldwide in order to slow down the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, high school and college seniors won’t be able to experience their graduation ceremonies as commencements fall under the category of ‘mass gatherings’.

Despite high school and college commencements around the country being cancelled, some are planning to hold virtual graduation parties. Although it won’t be the same as the traditional graduation ceremony/party, having a virtual graduation party will still give high school and college seniors an opportunity to celebrate everything they have accomplished the past four years.

With graduation parties and ceremonies now being held online via Zoom, you still want to look your very best. If you struggling with which makeup ideas to use/do for your upcoming virtual graduation party, don’t panic. This article right here has covered. All of the makeup ideas featured in this article range from specific looks, combinations, and what colors of lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow in season right now that you 

Now, with all of that being said, listed down below are 10 Stunning Make Ideas That You Should Consider For Your Virtual Graduation Party: 

1. Smokey Eye Look:

A smokey eye look is one of the most classic and popular makeup ideas that is perfect for any type of occasion, regardless of the time of year. With a smokey eye, there are so many different colors you can choose from as you are creating this look.

However, for your virtual graduation party, a black smokey eye will do just fine. The Black Smokey Eye Look is classic and chic yet trendy and sexy at the same time. This beauty look goes well with minimal makeup and red (see #2 below) or glossy lips (see #8 below).

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

2. Bold Red Lips:

Besides the smokey eye look (see #1 above), another one of the few makeup ideas featured in this article that is perfect for every type of occasion is Red Lips. It’s among the classics for makeup and will never go out of style, no matter what season it currently is. This look (beyond just winter beauty looks) displays both simplicity and elegance.

Red Lips work well with minimal/low key makeup. For your virtual graduation party, Seventeen Magazine recommends young women to make a bold statement by going with lipsticks that are a vibrant and/or bright red. 

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

3. No Makeup, Makeup Look: 

The No Makeup, Makeup Look is one of the best makeup ideas for any young woman to do for the perfect, summer graduation look. This minimal makeup look will compliment your graduation dress. 

From the 10 Makeup Ideas featured in this article, if you decide that the No Makeup, Makeup Look is the idea you want to use when getting ready for your virtual graduation party, check out this tutorial below by L’Oreal Paris below to see how you can do this look: 

4. Matching Lip and Nail Combination:

If you decide to go with Bold Red Lips (see #2 above) or Bold Berry Lips (see #5 below), consider doing a matching lip and nail combination. With the use of bold colors for your lipstick and nails, you look stunning and desirable at your virtual graduation party. 

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

5. Bold Berry Lips:

Along with Red Lips (see #2 above), Bold Berry Lips are another shade of lipstick to use to make a bold statement during your virtual graduation party. If you decide go with Bold Berry Lips, popular shades to use to get this look are opaque berry and electric purple.

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

6. Dewy Skin Look:

Out of all of the makeup ideas included in this article, the Dewy Skin Look is the best one to use if you want to show off your natural beauty at your virtual graduation party. It also one of those makeup ideas that is best paired with minimal makeup, as it will highlight a woman’s beautiful, shiny, and hydrated skin. 

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

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7. Pastel Color Eyeshadow:

With Pastel Color Eye Shadow, there are a variety of colors you can use that will make your eye pop during the virtual graduation party. For this makeup look, the best colors to use are lavender, baby blue, peach, and soft yellow, to name a few. 

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

8. Glossy Lips:

This is another one of several classics makeup ideas to make this list that is perfect to wear for not only your virtual graduation party, but any time of the year too! Glossy Lips are a great beauty look as one’s lips will be looking shiny, lush, and moisturized. This makeup look is simple yet sexy at the same time.

To look stunning for your virtual graduation party, complete your glossy lips with a smokey eye (see #1 above) and dewy skin (see #6 above). Shades of peach, pink, and/or any light colors will do.

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

9. Pink Blush:

If you want to go with what’s trending in the spring and summer of 2020 in terms of beauty looks, one of the makeup ideas to definitely consider is pink blush. Just throw on a couple of swipes of light pink powder blush on top of your foundation. Pink blush will produce a soft and pretty look on one’s face. 

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

10. Waterproof Mascara: 

One of the makeup ideas from this article that you should definitely consider using for your virtual graduation party is putting on waterproof mascara. During both your virtual graduation ceremony and party, there are going to be a lot of tears shed. For high school and college seniors, graduation is such an emotional day that finishes up one of the biggest chapters of your life. 

As you reminisce the past four years (both the good and bad memories) with your friends and classmates, it is best to be prepared for the water works (even if you normally don’t shed happy tears during milestone events like graduation). As stated by Cosmopolitan, one of the best waterproof mascara to use is Dior’s Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, which you can purchase at Nordstrom. Dior’s Diorshow Waterproof Mascara comes in three different colors: Azure Blue 258, Black 090 (see the photo below), and Chestnut 698. 

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Your Virtual Graduation Party

Which of these 10 Stunning Makeup Ideas Did You Enjoy The Most? Which one are most likely going to do for your Virtual Graduation Party? Be sure to let us know which Makeup Ideas for both questions down below in the comments section! 

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