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The Best TV Shows To Binge This Summer

The Best TV Shows To Binge This Summer

Summertime is coming and you’ve already finished most of your favorite tv shows. Now, you have to go through this long process of finding a show that will fulfill you. Well, the process no longer has to be long because here is a list of the best tv shows to binge this summer. 

1.  The 100

In the past few years, The 100 has climbed the ranks as of the best post-apocalyptic tv shows to binge. Beginning its journey in 2014 on The CW, the show automatically caught my attention. The earth has been uninhabited for 100 years, well according to the generations of the human race that survived in space. That is until a group of 100 teen delinquents is sent to the Earth.

Already six seasons in, the show is scheduled to come back for a seventh season. You will have to tune if you want to know more. 


2. Terra  Nova

Yes, another post-apocalyptic tv show for you to binge, though this once will take you all the way back. Literally! Fleeing a diminished planet people have the option, after jumping through many hoops, to travel back in time to the Mesozoic era, the time of the dinosaurs. The new colony is Terra Nova. 

One family fights to get to a better life and once there faces many challenges like a rogue camp, threats from the animals, as well as discord between the citizens of the colony. Unfortunately, this show only lasted for a single season so definitely add this to your list of tv shows to binge. 


3. Madam Secretary

Spoiler, not a post-apocalyptic tv show but it is an amazing family show about serving as Madame Secretary. The is series will take you through many scenarios the Madame Secretary faces while on and off duty. The main character, Elizabeth McCord take on the role at the request of her friend, the president.

She battles many diplomatic issues with her wit, ethics, and the skills she acquired in the CIA. Five seasons of this show is perfect for your summer to brush up on your debating skills. 


4. Once Upon A Time

The best tv shows to binge are the ones that are finished. Am I right? This tv show tells the tale of many storybook characters and the many trials and tribulations they experience. They find adventurous ways to escape curses, the wicked witch of the west, and the evil queen.

You will also find that many of the typical character traits portrayed in our classic fairytale books as skewed with a lot of ambiguity.  The most common theme is the battle between good and evil which persists for seven full seasons. 


5. The Originals 

Of all the tv shows to binge, The Originals is a must-see. Picking up in the middle of The Vampire Diaries, the series follows the life of Klaus in New Orleans. Spoiler Alert!  Apparently, Hayley is pregnant with his child, which is killer news for you if you haven’t seen the show yet.

This show is basically about the life of Klaus and his family along with all the power dynamics and complications that come with Klaus. Don’t worry, you would only know this bit of information if you watched The Vampire Diaries. 


6. Legacies

Pick up this binge-worthy tv show that follows the life of Hope, Klaus’s daughter. Hope, the only tribrid, and other supernatural teens live and are educated at the Salvatore school. They battled dragons, necromancies, zombies and more! 

You will be surprised at every episode. With only two seasons so far, this show will be easy to finish with time to finish or begin another series this summer. 


7. The Bold Type

The name alone piqued my interest. Three friends working at the same magazine publishing company tackle all aspects of their lives together. While working to advance their careers, they struggle to manage their friendships, discover their identities, and find love.

They lean on each other for support which showcases their strong bond. This show is very empowering to women the power of women in the workplace. This drama is already in its fourth season so don’t wast any more time and add this series to your list of summer tv shows to binge. 


True regret is not hopping on this show while it is still early in the game, having initially aired in 2017. 

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8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This action series that aired in 2013 will rock your world. If you at least follow Marvel’s movies you will be interested in this tv show. SHIELD goes around the world investigating and solving strange occurrences, mysteries, and crimes. They battle Hydra, rogue agents, enhanced humans, as well as alien life forms. 

Don’t miss out on six seasons of this tv shows because you might want to be ready for season 7. 


9. Criminal Minds

An amazing crime-drama tv show to binge. It currently has 14 seasons and is an ongoing series. It follows the life of FBI agents tackling stressful cases together in order to make the world a safer place. They have a more familial type of relationship with one another, which allows you to attach to the characters more. 

You will enjoy this show because you get a lot of the best themes known for being the best tv shows to binge. That is they create a familial environment, the characters are three-dimensional, there is action packed into every episode, and some interestingly, weird facts. 

Piece of advice: Start now! 


10. All American

I know you’ve heard of this tv show because it is totally amazing! It follows the life of a black football player with an opportunity to bring his talents to an affluent school in Beverly Hills. Throughout the show, he works to manage his football responsibilities, mend friendships, take care of his mama and brother, and fight the gang violence in his home city, Crenshaw.

This show has many exciting turns that will take hold of your attention. Since there are only 2 seasons out, you will have plenty of time to start one of these other tv shows to bing or rewatch this one if you just can’t get enough. 


These are some of the best tv shows to binge for the summer. So after work, grab a drink and settle down in front of the television and turn to one of these tv shows. I have my own interests so now I come to you. What do you think some of the best tv shows to binge are? 

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