A Step By Step Guide: How To Do The Perfect Cut Crease

Cut crease – the eye look that defines your eye shape in a beautiful way and looks so professional and chic. But it takes AGESSS and in this busy world, nobody’s got time for that, right? Actually, you do! With this guide, you won’t have to wait for a holiday or a weekend and start getting ready hours earlier because you only need a maximum of 5 minutes to do this!

This cut crease eye look is gorg!

What you will need:

  • A pack of fake eyelashes (preferably ones you plan to wear in this look or sometime soon)
  • Scissors
  • Eyeshadow, preferably with a cream based formula
  • A makeup brush for blending

And that’s it! Chances are that if you’re into makeup, you already have these things lying around already.

Step 1:

Apply your base eyeshadow colors and blend them evenly all the way past your lid (should stop just a bit below your eyebrow and eyebrow bone as shown in the picture below.)

Step 2:

Remove the eyelashes from the package. Put them aside in a sanitary, safe place for now. If not using for this look, store them in a safe place.

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Step 3:

Using the scissors, cut out these plastic pieces (ones circled in red) from the packaging. Be careful and make sure there aren’t any sharp edges that you could potentially hurt yourself with. In order to know exactly where to cut, watch the video at the bottom of this article!

Step 4:

Apply the eyeshadow color that you want to be on the lid onto the flat, upper, smooth surface (the one below which the eyelash used to be). Apply a thick layer with your makeup brush and make sure it is evenly, well coated. See video if you’re not sure. If you’re in need of some ideas check out these gorgeous cut crease makeup looks you can try!

Step 5:

Then gently press the side with the eyeshadow onto your lid, exactly where you would want the crease to be, kind of like you would do with temporary tattoos. Hold for 5 seconds and then remove. You should have a perfect “stamp” of your cut crease color.

Step 6:

Blend it with your makeup brush to look more effortless.

These cut crease eye makeup look is super easy to do1

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Step 7:

Repeat (steps 4-6) with the other side!

Step 8:

Finish off your look with eyeliner or eyelashes and any finishing touches that you want! And your cut crease is perfectly done!

Remember practice makes perfect and don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you aren’t sure about any of the above steps, watch this video by @TamangPhan which shows it beautifully. This process was all her idea anyways!

Did this help you nail your cut crease eyeshadow look? Let us know in the comments!
Featured image source: weheartit.com
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