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Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Double dates are so much fun. You get to be with your special someone and your couple friends! You can make memories together as a little group and even help each other to grow and enjoy life more. 

When figuring out what to do for a fun night out with your couple friends, sometimes it can be hard to think of good ideas. That’s why I’ve put together this little list of some simple double date ideas for a fun night out together! 

Sunset Picnic At The Park Or Beach 

First on this list of double date ideas is going for a fun picnic at your local park or beach to watch the sunset together! You can bring along your favorite foods, a couple bottles of wine, and some blankets for your great night out in nature together. 

This is a great double date idea if you’re all wanting to relax and just enjoy each others company. You can laugh and talk while you share your tasty picnic food, enjoying the sunset and making memories that’ll last forever!

Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Drive-In Movies

Next up is going to the drive-in movies. This idea is so much fun and super affordable, especially if you’re trying to save money. Usually, drive-in movies are only about five to eight dollars a person!

Just research the closest drive-in movie place near you, grab your couple friends, and head out for a fun night enjoying your favorite movies together! 

Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Mini Golf

If you like golf and arcade games, this double date idea is perfect for you. Usually, you can find a mini-golf place near you that offers arcade games or even laser tag too!

If you’re all cool with just mini-golf, then you could do that as well! Some places offer food and drinks, while others may be BYOB.

This is a super fun double date idea for a great night out together filled with lots of laughs! 

Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Live Shows Together/Karaoke

Another thing you could do that requires a little bit more planning is to go and see a live show! Just do a little research on live shows near you, buy tickets (unless it’s free), and meet your couple friends at the show (or drive/uber together). 

If you’re all really into the music and inspired by the show, you could even find a fun Karaoke place to go afterward!

Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

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Next on our list of fun and simple double date ideas is to go camping together. Just find a park or beach near you that offers camping! Then grab your tents and sleeping bags, your favorite camp food, and you’re all ready to go. 

This double date idea is super fun because you’ll actually get to spend the whole night out together. You can stay up late by the campfire roasting hot dogs and s’mores as you tell fun stories and talk about life together under the stars.

One couple could wake up early and go on a hike while the other cooks breakfast or you could all just do it together! If you happen to have furry friends, you could even bring them along too. 

Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Dinner and Drinks 

Last on our list of double date ideas is a very simple and fun thing to do with your couple friends. Just pick a restaurant you all like and go enjoy a nice dinner together!

You could even extend the dinner into dinner and drinks, and head out to some of your favorite little bars together after you eat. Have fun! 

Simple Double Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Whether you’re going to the drive-in movies or camping out, we’ve got you covered with some fun and simple double date ideas you can do for a fun night out. Let us know how your double dates go in the comments below! 

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