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8 Beautiful Decor Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

8 Beautiful Decor Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

8 Beautiful Decor Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

If you’re planning a birthday party sometime soon, but you’re stuck for ideas on decor that don’t make you feel like you’re getting too old too fast, then you need these eight beautiful decor ideas that are fit for any adult birthday party. From classy party themes to beautiful light ideas, we’ve got so many ways you can have your guests in love with the idea of an adult birthday party, and you’ll want nothing but to keep taking pleasing photos that will look great on your Instagram and everyone else’s Instagram stories!

1. Champagne Bar 

If you’re old enough to be drinking and your guests are as well, then this golden champagne bar will be perfect for your birthday party. Have a bare wall set up with topped up champagne glasses ready for your guests waiting hands. And to fit the golden theme, add some golden and white shimmer balloons and fairy lights wrapped around the balloons to accentuate the elegant colours.

Now, if you have a different coloured theme you’d want to accentuate through the drinks, think red wine, rosé, white wine, beer, grapefruit punch, whatever your heart desires! Then pair your drink accordingly with the same colour balloons and lights. It will be stunning! 

golden champagne bar

2. Foil Number Balloons

These days, a birthday party without these gorgeous larger-than-life foil balloons seems impossible. The best part is that they can be found at any dollar store or $2 shop, so your wallet won’t be too sore trying to finance all the balloon decor you want. Even better is that they come in silver, gold, or rose gold or copper. You can have your choice and choose which colour will best suit your overall party theme. Think silver or gold for a black and white or black or gold themed party, or rose gold or copper for a pink theme party. 

foil number balloon

3. Foil Year Balloons

So if you think having your age spelled out in foil balloons might be too common, then why not try using the foil number balloons to spell out the year of your birthday? It’ll be cute and unique, and can be an authentic way to create a backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of. Attach the balloons to weights, and place some balloon or flower backdrop to complete the look! 

foil year balloons

4. Over The Years Photo Wall Hanging

If you want a creative way to commemorate your life thus far at your birthday party, then try out this beautiful photo wall hanging! Head out to the craft star and retrieve some twine, a fake branch and some flowers and foliage to add some design to your hanging, and create the perfect photo wall.

Head off to Office Max or Office Works, and print out a single photo from each year of your life. Include some photos with some friends who are coming to your birthday party, and this will make your guest feel like a VIP at your party! Attach the photos to the twine with wooden pegs, and voila! A perfect photographic decor item for your party. 

photo wall hanging

5. A Well-Lit Cake Backdrop 

You must ensure your birthday cake and other desserts have their own table to be on display throughout the entire party. You’ll definitely want photos with your cake when you blow out the candles, so you must ensure the backdrop is optimal for taking perfect Insta-worthy shots.

Attach a white curtain from the opportunity shop to the wall, and attach some string fairy lights to the curtain. Hang these down vertically or across, and this will be a perfect backdrop for your cake table! 

cake table backdrop

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6. Floral Ice Cubes

If you’re old enough to be offering alcoholic beverages at your next birthday party, then these floral ice cubes from Heather Christo might be a perfect addition to your ice bucket! And hey, if you’re not quite old enough or just don’t fancy alcohol at your party, then these floral ice cubes are an excellent decor item that are sure to stun your guests.

And the best part? These specific floral ice cubes are actually edible! Sit them in a bucket, or allow your guests to put them in their drinks! 

floral ice cubes

7. Handmade Photo Booth Setup 

Now if you want a specific spot for your guests to take photos at your birthday party, then it’s worthwhile having a handmade photo back drop ready for your guests. Try it out with a large mirrorless frame from an antique shop, or a repurposed antique shop. Add your name and the birthday that is to the bottom of the frame. 

birthday photo booth

8. Letter Sign

If you want to make a little memory of your birthday party and wish to have all your friends sign a message on something that you will be able to cherish forever, then why not try this letter sign? These letters can be found at your local arts and crafts store, so get your first name initial in your chosen colour, or paint it your favourite colour, and get some markers so your guests can write a message for you! 

letter sign

Will you be using any of these birthday decor ideas for your next birthday party? Let us know in the comments down below!

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