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20 Signs You’re Going To An Out Of State College

20 Signs You’re Going To An Out Of State College

Whether it be one state away or all the way across the country, here are the 20 ways you can tell that you are going to an out of state college.

Whether it be one state away or all the way across the country, choosing to leave home for school is a decision that impacts many of your day-to-day thoughts and actions. Keep reading to understand the 20 ways you can tell that you are going to an out of state college.

1. Your pre-college summer is being spent visiting your school

After deciding on a college, especially one far away from one, one of the most important parts of going there is actually going there. Summer is going to be filled with traveling for orientation and meeting your future roommate and there’s no getting around it.


2. All of your future friends aren’t from around home

You meet your future roommate and some possible future friends in a group on facebook, none of you are from the same are, the disappointing part is that you haven’t met each other yet, the best part is that in a few short months you will. It’s crazy to think that you would never have met your best friends if it wasn’t for choosing an out-of-state school, but the best part about college is getting to meet new people.

3. You’re going to miss your pets more than anything

It’s not a 2-hour drive to come home and cuddle with your dog for a weekend. It’s a 3-hour flight or an 8-hour long bus ride and those things are expensive. As much as you’ll miss your cuddly best friend, you’re not always going to be able to see them, and do not let your parents think you’re going to miss them more, you’re not, you will be able to call them when you want to hear from them, but you can’t communicate via cell phone with your cat or dog (or other exotic creature). The daily pictures your mom sends you of your cat doing cute/weird things don’t hurt either.

4. You’re not sure what clothes to bring with you

You’ve gotten so accustomed to the weather in your home state that you’re not sure what winter will entail in your new home. Do I need a jacket? What if it’s 60 degrees in January? Can I wear shorts year round? These questions will be answered soon, but until you actually get there you’re going to be a confused mess.


5. Your out-of-state scholarship is worth more than the in-state ones

However, this does not always mean that college is cheaper. If it were cheaper everyone would be going out of state, it’s about the same as you’d be paying at home it just seems like less because they’re much more willing to give money to out of state students. Your friends are probably complaining because they saw the number of 0’s on your scholarship, and you would be too if all your future home had offered you was what they’re getting in-state.


6. You’re booking flight home for Thanksgiving and Christmas in July

Flights are expensive, especially during the holidays, and no one wants to end up stuck away from their family during the holidays. Booking these things months in advance not only saves you money, but it’ll keep you sane as you embark on your journey through finals not having to worry about booking a flight home.


7. You’re not sure how you’re going to get all of your stuff there (or back)

Going to school away seems fun and all until you realize that you have to get not only your books and school supplies there but also a million other necessary things for living on your own. Warning: Your car will be packed to the brim and you will need a dolly to help get everything into your dorm room, do not try and carry it all yourself. You have to take it all home at some point too and God only knows how that’s going to work as you’re obviously going to have more at the end of the year than at the beginning.

8. You always see picture of your friends that stayed in state together

This can be bittersweet. Of course, you miss all your old friends, but you’re also making new friends. Seeing pictures of your old squad hanging out together is going to be hard the first few months, but just know they’re probably jealous seeing pictures of you with your new friends too.

9. You can’t wait to have your independence

Sure being away from mom and dad is going to be hard, but being able to do what you want when you want without having to report to anyone is something you’ve dreamt of. Being able to find who you are and live your life without someone being “in charge” of you is going to create the best atmosphere for you, and you’re ready for it. (Just don’t take advantage of having too much independence)


10. You’re not sure where you’re going to wind up after college

You could wind up back home or you could wind up in a whole other state, who knows? Not you. You’ll get there when you get there, all you know is that you’re ready to move on and you’re preparing for whatever your future has in mind.

11. Graduation is the last time you’re going to see a lot of people from high school

After graduation, you’re already not going to see a lot of the people you spent the last 4 years with, but going away makes it extra sentimental. The people you want to see you’ll choose to see, you don’t really have to worry about running into them on your campus since you’re going so far away.


12. Saying goodbye to your best friends is brutal

You’ve been talking about it for months but as the days roll nearer it doesn’t get easier. There will be tears and many attempts to say goodbye that doesn’t actually turn out. You’ll see them again in a few months but it doesn’t feel like you will. When you finally leave there will be many texts and phone calls but it’s not the same.

13. Reunions with your friends are just like the movies

Those scenes when they tackle hug each other in the airport? That’s how this moment is going to feel/look. Though you may end up hitting heads or missing each other completely, the moment you reunite with your best friend is going to feel special. You have so much to catch up on: the boys, the friends, the drama, there’s so much you’ve missed in each other’s lives that need to be discussed and so little time.

14. You miss your mom the most when you’re sick

Your mom isn’t there to take care of you now when you’re sick and that makes it feel 10x worse than it really is. Now, who’s going to make you chicken noodle soup or tea with honey when you have a cold? Being an adult means taking care of yourself even when you feel like you’re too weak to do so, this was not a part of adult life you were prepared for.

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15. You feel like you’re missing something at home

Whether it be your little brother’s first varsity football game or your dad’s 50th birthday, you can’t be around for everything and it always feels like you’re missing some important event at home. You’ll hear all about them later, but being there to see them actually happen is completely different.



16. When your parents come to visit you have to change your behavior

You can’t go out partying every night when your parents come to visit, and your dorm has to look somewhat clean or your mom will never let you hear the end of it. Being away means having your independence, but being away also means having to deal with it when your home comes to you and it’s not always a great time.

17. You can’t wait for your mom and dad to visit because free food

Living on meal plans is fine and all but nothing tastes better than the real food you get when your parents come to visit. We’ll leave it at that and let the food do the talking.

18. Doing laundry is both expensive and a chore

You don’t have the luxury of being able to take your laundry home to mom when it needs to be done, you have to do it on your own and it can cost up to $5 per load. You’ve learned to live wearing the same t-shirt a few times before washing it as using the washer and dryer can become a hassle if you’re one of those people that have to wash everything between wears.


19. You can’t wear your home teams apparel on campus

You would be hard core judged if you walked on the University of Kentucky campus wearing some Wisconsin Badgers gear, leave the Badgers shirts for sleeping and only wear the blue out, no one wants to be reminded of when they beat us in the Final 4 a few years ago.

20. You cherish every moment you have at home

You didn’t think you’d miss home but you do, more than anything. Every moment you get to spend with your family now means more than it did before you left. You’re learning to appreciate even the annoying things your little brother does as when you go back, you won’t get to experience that anymore.

What are some other signs that you’re going to an out of state college? Share in the comments below!
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