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10 Signs You’re From Texas

10 Signs You’re From Texas

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, y'all! Read this article for some tell tale signs you're from Texas and proud of it!

Everybody has a different way of living, but there are always signs that a person is from a certain place based on their habits. This is certainly true of Texas, because I mean, don’t mess with Texas, y’all. Here are some signs you’re from Texas:

1. You use y’all in every other sentence 24/7

This is a given. The rest of the South might have adopted this saying into their colloquial language, but Texas has truly taken this word and made it a part of our culture. Instead of saying “howdy,” (unless your an Aggie and I say good luck to you), you most likely greet people with a “hey y’all”. You also probably don’t realize how much you say it until you either travel up north or out of the state and start to get a bunch of weird looks. This is a sure sign you’re from Texas.

10 Signs You're From Texas

2. You use your ma’am’s and sir’s no matter your age

You most likely get told all the time by people to not call them ma’am or sir because it makes them feel old, and yet you catch yourself doing it anyway. While in other places in the states these forms of address are not necessary, in the South they are pretty much mandatory. Especially towards someone you respect and definitely if your parents are within hearing range.

3. You have at least two pairs of cowboy boots: your work boots and your party boots

It’s quite simple really, you have your bang-around boots that you wear out on the ranch and in the countryside or riding a horse, and then you have your nice boots that you wear for dress-up occasions. While this sounds ridiculous, it mostly just comes down to the brand of the boot and the quality of the material used to make the boot. For example, you wouldn’t wear your nice ostrich boots or your alligator boots out around farm only to get mud on them. This is definitely one of the signs you’re from Texas.

10 Signs You're From Texas

4. You either will have, have, or had a Texas flag in your dorm room at college

State pride not only carries over across borders — it somehow gets amplified. It’s as though Texans have to compensate for not being in their home state and hang up a flag on their wall to feel more at home. Just ask someone who has roomed with a Texan— they’ll understand.

10 Signs You're From Texas

5. You understand the beauty of Tex-Mex

If you are a true Texan, then without a doubt the first thing you have upon returning home is a big bowl of Queso and some chips. But not just any Queso — your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant’s Queso. Because you see, if you are truly from Texas, then you have already tried all of the Tex-Mex restaurants in town and have narrowed them down to your top favorites. And you have BIG opinions about their Queso.

10 Signs You're From Texas

6. You know that hot weather takes on a whole new meaning (and AC too)

Other people might claim that their state is just “oh so boiling,” but they have not experienced anything until they have felt the hot Texas heat. Unlike someplace like Arizona, which has a hot and dry heat, Texas was gifted with the beauty of a sweltering steamy heat from the humidity. While some cities like Houston have it worse off than others, most places in Texas have a high humidity content. And for that, we blast each and every one of our buildings with AC, so you’re either shivering in the cold or sweating in the heat. This is really one of the signs you’re from Texas.

7. You probably had a whole year of Texas History in school

Not only do you “remember the Alamo,” but you also have learned all about Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston and all the other leaders that made our state what it is today. Besides having a year of history in middle school dedicated solely to Texas, you also have probably taken a field trip for school to learn about Texas by going to the capital, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth or Dallas. And the biggest thing you learned throughout this experience is why we have the following motto: “Don’t Mess with Texas.” 

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10 Signs You're From Texas

8. You have most definitely shot a gun before if you haven’t killed an animal

Hunting is not just a sport, but often a coming-of-age tale for Texan folk. However, if you can’t bring yourself to kill an animal, you most definitely have done some target practice out on the ranch with either a 20 gauge, a pistol or something in between. Shooting a gun is one of the signs you’re from Texas.

9. You rock every Western-themed party because probably every item comes from your own closet

Whether its the bandana, the button down shirt, the jeans (skirt, pants or overalls), the cowboy boots or the hat you probably already own it and have worn it for normal day use. While others will have their last minute Walmart and Party Starts Here runs, you will be walking into the party with genuine Western Attire and therefore slaying the game.

10 Signs You're From Texas

10. You believe— and rightly so— that everything is bigger and better in Texas

This one is self-explanatory. Come to Texas if you don’t believe me!!!

Resonate with any of the signs you’re from Texas above or have anything else to add? Comment in the space below!!
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