10 Signs You’re A Second Semester High School Senior

10 Signs You’re A Second Semester High School Senior

So, football season is done, homecoming has passed, and Christmas break is over. Spring break might provide some excitement, and looking all pretty at prom will always be a good time. But in all actuality the only thing you’re really looking forward to is getting that diploma on graduation day. Until then walking through those all too familiar high school hallways just has you thinking why in the hell am I still here? If you’re in the final stretch of your senior are you climbing the walls too? Keep reading and see if you can relate to being the typical second semester high school senior.

1. You have a countdown to graduation.

Whether it’s marking off the days on your calendar/agenda, or an app counting down to the second; there’s a countdown somewhere. I opted for both. In my agenda it counts 60 ½ school days left (not including weekends and holidays), and in the dreamdays app 107 days left till graduation.

2. If you don’t know where you’re going to school, it seems as though everyone else does.

Even though I’m one of those people who knows where I’m going, have my roommate, and seem like I have it all figured out; I assure you not everyone is in my boat. I really only know five other people besides myself out of my whole class that has their plans set. So, trust me when I say you are not alone.

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3. You have a serious problem with being on time.

I don’t know if it just got 10x harder to get out of bed in the morning, or if it’s the serious lack of motivation to make it to class. I have found myself running into school every morning this week. Or we end up in the halls after bell muttering to ourselves detention isn’t that bad. Either way, you just can’t make it on time.

4. You contemplate dropping out at least once a day.

I mean that guy invented tumblr without a high school diploma…

5. You look like a hobo ⅘ days of the week.

Remember when you were an underclassman and you just thought how hot you were going to be senior year, and all the cute clothes you’d have by then? Well then senior year arrives and it’s hard to find the motivation to not look like a trash bag at 7am.


6. You have a serious case of senioritis.

Remember coming in freshman year and thinking how cool the seniors were. You couldn’t wait to be one of those tall people who never seemed to go to class. Now you’re one of them and it’s nowhere near what you thought.

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7. Napping is your favorite hobby.

Am I the only one who wakes up in the morning only looking forward to when I get to go back to sleep? Good thing math class is a great place to get some shut eye. And those days when you can’t squeeze in a after school nap are the absolute worst.

8. You can’t remember the last time you actually paid attention in class.

Ninety percent of your class time now is spent daydreaming about what’s for lunch or how you and your roomie are going to decorate your dorm room next year.

9. High school drama…

You’re over it, enough said.

10. You look at underclassmen thanking God you aren’t them.

Remember when you looked at seniors your freshmen and sophomore year, and you just thought how great that year will be. Yeah there are definitely some fun times but let’s be real thinking of spending any longer than three more months in this wretched place makes you want to die.


Are you glad to be a second semester high school senior?
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