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20 Signs You Went To East Haven High School

20 Signs You Went To East Haven High School

Every high school has certain traditions and experiences only the students can relate to. These are the 20 signs you went to East Haven High School!

Home of the yellow jackets, East Haven High School is tucked away like a prison. Don’t get me wrong, I loved some of the teachers I had, but I definitely wasn’t in love with the school. Yes, high school is what you make of it, but with my experience it was also how the staff treated the students. No one seemed happy there unless you are a bubbly person in general. These are the 20 signs you went to East Haven High School (in my perspective)!

 20 signs you went to East Haven High School

1. Pep Rallies After School

They claimed pep rallies took away from class/learning time, so they were always held after school.

2. Art electives almost got canceled

Portia was a real gem. She thought anything of the arts were not important and that resulted in art electives getting canceled all the time.

3. Our band was the best

First Place Baby!!!!

4. Football Team

The principal and the teachers really only cared about the football team.

 20 signs you went to East Haven High School

5. The food was nasty

Mold, bugs and god knows what else was in that “food”.

6. The teachers gossiped about the students

I’ve personally heard the study hall teachers and students gossiping about others.

7. Most teachers played favorites

The teachers who coached always favored the athletes.

8. Bad snow storms always resulted in getting stuck on the hill

Self explanatory.

9. Did you even get lunch?

By the time you get your lunch and sit down there’s like 10 minutes left of lunch. Either because people cut the line, it was really slow, or you were one on the lasts to get to the lunch room.

 20 signs you went to East Haven High School

10. College fair

Most people were just there for the free things.

11. Huge school?

You started freshman year thinking you were going to get lost. By the second week you knew the school like the back of your hand.

12. Guidance counselors

They were never really there for you.

13. Chef Dorio!!!

Humppppp Dayyyy!!!!! With his crazy outfits, hats and songs it was hard not to hear him when the bell rang.

14. Bathrooms

The only bathrooms open during the day are the ones on the main floor in the English hall. The bathrooms in each hall were always locked and the ones at the front of the lunch room were open only during lunch. No one ever understood this.

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15. Ready for college?

Senior year is all about taking classes you need to graduate and having a bunch of study halls.

 20 signs you went to East Haven High School

16. Hallways

Freshman only know the main stairwell which causes congestion. The slow walkers, the ones who walk their friends to class and stop in the middle of the hall, make it even worse.

17. Class projects in the computer lab

No one could focus in the computer lab.

18. The elevator

They locked the elevator because they didn’t want kids using it. The only time anyone got the key to ride the elevator was if they had an injury.

19. Gym class

If you have/had gym the first half of the year, then you know the teachers make you go outside until it’s snowing. They didn’t care if you were sick or cold. If you wanted to sit out, the teachers would definitely yell at you.

 20 signs you went to East Haven High School

20. Groups

Like any other school, you have different friend groups. At EHHS they really weren’t that profound. You knew who they were and what they looked like, but they were never in your face about it.

Do you have any other signs you went to East Haven High School!? Share in the comments below!

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