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10 Things You Only Understand If You Live In Hollis Hall At SJU

10 Things You Only Understand If You Live In Hollis Hall At SJU


If you’ve lived in Hollis Hall at SJU before or are currently residing in it now, you’ll understand why Hollis is one of the best dorms to live in. Let me not start with our amazing lounges on every floor, great RA’s (and the fun events they plan for the building), the fact we have roomy suites, or that we’re just an enjoyable building to be in overall. The second you walk through our doors… you know you’re in the right place.

Read below for ten things you only understand if you’ve experienced living in Hollis Hall or are experiencing it now!

1. Being able to take the shortcut back.


If you live in Hollis, you can easily take the shortcut by Monty’s into the residence village. We can all relate to the fact that it’s way easier to take this shortcut instead of walking all the way down the strip.

2. Having the best features.

Hollis Hall is the only building that got an upgrade in the lobby recently. We have a TV in our lobby now and automatic scanning gates instead of a turnstile. We also have functional smart TVs on two floors.



3. Knowing what room J.Cole lived in at Hollis.

Hollis will always be the best place to dorm because J.Cole lived in Hollis. He lived in a room on the 5th floor. Fun fact: J.Cole came with his crew to party in Hollis but he wasn’t allowed to sign in cause he didn’t have proper identification with him. Let’s be honest though, you know it’s J.Cole… let him in.


4. Someone is always playing pool in the lobby.

Whenever you walk into the lobby and to the elevators, someone is always playing pool while blasting music. Why play on your IPhones when you can play in Hollis?



5. The elevator always has trouble closing or just shakes…

If you didn’t think you were going to get trapped in the elevator at least once, you haven’t lived in Hollis.

6. We hardly have fire drills.


We know how to make popcorn.

7. We have the best nickname.

How catchy is “Alcohollis?”

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8. Dealing with Grand Central Parkway noise.

Unfortunately, we have to deal with the noise from the Grand Central Parkway.


9. We have some pretty nice views.

From certain rooms in Hollis, residents have a perfect view of the softball games.

10. Hollis will always have a great reputation.


Let’s be honest, Hollis always had the reputation of being known as where all the partying and fun goes down. Even though sometimes we may slack, we’ll always keep our rep.

Hollis easily becomes home for all the residents. Whether it’s seeing each other at the vending machine at 1 a.m., cooking in the fifth floor lounge, chilling in the laundry room, or being stuck in the elevator temporarily (It’s probably happened to you already) – we’re lit.

If you haven’t visited Hollis yet… we’ll get someone to sign you in ASAP.

What are some things you like about living in Hollis Hall at SJU? Share with your friends and comment below!
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