15 Signs You’re A (Proud) Long Islander

Long Islander is a term for someone who has grown up in Long Island. Those that have, know everything when it comes to New York, the beach, and more!

As someone who was born and raised (and still currently living) on Long Island, I know that there’s a lot of stereotypes out there surrounding Long Islanders. Some may be true, some may not be. But, whether you’re 631 or 516, if you relate to these 15 points, you know you’re a true (and proud) Long Islander.

1. You live ON Long Island, not IN Long Island.

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2. A breakfast sandwich and an Arizona iced tea is the ideal breakfast.

Nothing like a bacon, egg, and cheese with an iced tea. And waking up to fresh bagels on a Sunday morning is pretty much all you can hope for.

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3. Bagels and pizza are just not the same anywhere else.

Sorry not sorry, but non-Long Island bagels or pizza are just the worst.

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4. Manhattan is “The City”

Nobody from Long Island says “I’m going into Manhattan today.” We say, “I’m going into the city today.”

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5. Everything past the city is “upstate”

I don’t care if Westchester or New Rochelle isn’t technically upstate, it’s past the city so its upstate to us.

6. The second you leave Long Island, everyone knows where you’re from.

What, nobody else says “cawfee” or “bawls”?

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7. You either have a boat or know someone with one.

If you don’t have a boat yourself, chances are you know someone with a boat and you wait patiently for your invitation every summer.

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8. Outsiders always ask you if you know the Long Island Medium.

No. No, I don’t.

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9. You look forward to beach days every summer.

Our beaches aren’t exactly the Caribbean, but you still love going to them every summer.


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10. You’ve never been to pizza hut or dominos.

Why would a Long Islander go to either of those places when there’s real pizzerias serving real pizza right down the street?

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11. Late night diner runs are the best.

Nothing like ordering fries and a milkshake from the diner at midnight.

12. You’ve had or attended a Sweet 16 that was basically a small wedding.

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13. You prefer Dunkin’ Donuts over Starbucks.

And if you pass one Dunkin, you don’t worry because you know you’re going to pass another one soon.

14. You went to Boardy Barn the first summer you were 21.

You had a great time, but probably regretted it the next day.

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15. You miss it when you leave.

Whether you leave just for vacation, for college, or decided to move elsewhere, you probably miss it a lot more than you thought you would.

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Do you embody any of these signs of a Long Islander? Let us know in the comment section below!

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