8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

8 Of This Season's Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

There’s nothing better than bringing home a brand-new eyeshadow palette, untouched and full of possibilities of looks of all kinds. The beauty world is constantly creating new and innovative products, and with new eyeshadow palette launches coming all the time, it can be difficult to know when to splurge and when to save. Here’s a roundup of this season’s hottest eyeshadow palette launches that are totally worth the money.

1. Blue Blood Palette — Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Anyone familiar with the world of makeup knows the name Jeffree Star and his legendary cosmetics brand. New from JSC is the mega-success palette Blood Sugar’s bigger sister, Blue Blood. This palette, made from a fully vegan and cruelty-free formula boasts epic pigmentation among its 18 stunning shades of blues, mints, and peaches, including three pressed pigments. Its packaging is meant to wow, featuring a cross between a jewelry box and a casket, which is sure to be a valuable addition to your makeup vanity. For everyone who loves stepping out of the neutrals box and lives for a vibrant eye look, this palette is an absolute must.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

2. Icy Betch Palette — Tarte

As one of the biggest vegan, cruelty-free brands that Sephora has to offer, Tarte is known for its fun product launches, usually falling under the tropical theme umbrella in one form or another. Their new Icy Betch palette, though, steps outside of the box, its conception stemming from an April Fool’s Day prank the brand pulled a year ago. Due to popular demand, the real thing is finally launching—and it’s no prank this time! Much like Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood palette, Icy Betch features a range of rich icy blues and silvers as well as a blinding highlight and is formulated with their signature Amazonian clay, boasting high pigmentation and blendability.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

3. Rainforest Of The Sea High Tides And Good Vibes Palette — Tarte

Another new eyeshadow palette launch from Tarte is the Rainforest Of The Sea High Tides And Good Vibes palette, an eye-catching launch featuring 8 matte shades in various cool and warm tones. Also included in the palette are 4 “high-impact glitter treasure toppers”, a mess-free glitter formula that can be used on its own or as a shadow topper to take your look to the next level. These shadows, in addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, are formulated with antioxidant-rich marine plant extracts that are meant to provide an extra boost of hydration to your skin.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

4. The Riviera Palette — Anastasia Beverly Hills

Though they’re best known for their game-changing eyebrow products, cult-favourite brand Anastasia Beverly Hills launches their newest addition to their eyeshadow palette collection, the Riviera palette. Featuring 14 brand-new vibrant shades, the Riviera palette will have you feeling all kinds of sophisticated, nautical-chic. With a combination of mattes and metallics, these high-pigment eyeshadows are cruelty-free and with a picture-perfect balance between neutral and colourful, there’s something to please everyone.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

5. The Icon Palette — Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury isn’t missing out on the colourful eyeshadow trend either, adding a new palette to their extensive collection. Brand founder Tilbury describes it as “electric star quality in a palette”, and we happen to agree. With 12 shades to choose from in this cruelty-free palette, covering almost every shade of the rainbow and in a variety of formulas, you’ll never have to create the same look twice. Swipe the shadows over eyes, lips, and cheeks for a multi-purpose palette, and be sure to play around with the shadows both wet and dry for a variety of silky-smooth finishes.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

6. Cover Shot: Crystalized Palette — Smashbox

If you’re a fan of all-things crystals, Smashbox’s latest eyeshadow palette was made for you. This cruelty-free palette, aptly named the Cover Shot: Crystalized palette, features 8 shadows in a variety of crystal-inspired colours in matte, metallic, and foil formulas. This palette is perfect for those who love a soft, romantic look with a hint of a smoky vibe to tie it all together.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

7. The Jessica Palette — Ciaté

Coming from Ciaté this season is the Jessica Palette, inspired by the iconic Jessica Rabbit. This vegan, cruelty-free palette boasts shimmer, shine, and everything in between with its 9 shadows in shades of purple and cream and topped off with—of course—Jessica Rabbit’s signature reds. For wearable, everyday looks, mix and match the dazzling glitter shades with its selection of matte shades, and you’ve got yourself a look that’ll make you say va-va-voom.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

8. Game Of Thrones Palette — Urban Decay

And finally, one of the most highly-anticipated launches of the season comes from Urban Decay with their—wait for it…—Game Of Thrones collection, timed to hit the shelves with the eighth-and-final season premiere of the hit show. The eyeshadow palette, whose packaging includes a popup of the Iron Throne, features 20 shades, including 4 “holographic transformer shadows”, and is cruelty-free. Divided up into 4 different sections based on location, you can expect to find some rich, jewel-tones in Winterfell and a whole lot of ice up at Hardhome. This launch is the perfect gift for the Game Of Thrones fan in your life, or just as a little treat to yourself if you’re feeling extra blue over the end of an era.
8 Of This Season’s Hottest Eyeshadow Palette Launches

Which eyeshadow palette launch are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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