10 Dreamy Makeup Looks That Will Make You Glad Its Winter

Winter is a great time to experiment with some different dreamy makeup looks like icy colors, dark lips, and glittery eye makeup. To make these looks super successful make sure to apply lots of moisturizer and primer before you apply any makeup. While it is a great time to cuddle up inside by the fire, here are some great dreamy makeup looks for when you do decide to go out this season.

1. Icy Blue Smokey Eye

Channel your inner Elsa with this icy look. Do a light cut crease with a grey shadow and then a sweep of shimmery silver eyeshadow on the eyelid. Add a nude lip and rosy cheek to complete this look. No one will ever be able to “let you go” with snowy and dreamy makeup looks like this.

Icy blue eyeshadow is great for dreamy makeup looks!

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 2. Berry Lip

Make a statement with bold dreamy makeup looks. This is a simple look that can even work with a bare face, as shown in the photo below. If you’re in a rush but still want to look done up, choose this berry look.

Berry lip colors are great for dreamy makeup looks!

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3. Gold Smokey Eye

Shine with this shimmery eye makeup. Add a smokey eye to dreamy makeup looks with two tones of brown and then put some gold shadow on the rest of the eyelid. You will be the star of the show with this metallic look.

Gold smokey eyes are great for dreamy makeup looks!

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4. Brown Lip

Spice up your dreamy makeup looks with some brown lipstick . Depending on the shade you choose, brown can be a nude or a bold choice. Pair a brown lip with a bold highlight. Try on some different shades to find your perfect brown lip.

Add a brown lip to complete any dreamy makeup looks!

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5. Frosty Face

Be ready for the snow with this frosty look. Pair baby pink and a bit of white eyeshadow with extra long lashes, a nude lip, and a pink blush. Dreamy makeup looks like this scream winter.

Frosty and soft shades are great for dreamy makeup looks!

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6. Plum And Glitter Smokey Eye

This show-stopping look is the epitome of glitter and glitz. Create a classic smokey eye with a plum shadow. First, add a glitter primer on the eyelid and then pat down glitter. This is a bold look but perfect for a gloomy and grey season like winter.

// I like that the highlight is a shimmer while the rest is matte. Basic, I know, but pretty. //

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7. Red Lip

Keep it classy with a rep lip and cat eye. This look is great for winter because it uses bold colors and defined lines. Pair a red lip with a bold contour. This look is a always a good go-to.

Sometimes in life, your situation will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson. ⚡️

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8. Bold Brows

Be lazy this season and grow your brows out, then with a little bit of makeup you can easily achieve bold brows. Use a brow pomade and concealer to perfect the shape of your brows. Every look pairs nicely with some bold brows

Bold brows are amazing with dreamy makeup looks!

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9. Burgundy Eyes

Take a page from Lilly Collins book and do a burgundy eye and lip look. Match your eyeshadow and lipstick, but leave your face contour free.

Burgundy eyeshadow is beautiful for dreamy makeup looks!

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10. Bold Contour

Make your cheekbones so defined that they will cut through the brisk winter winds. Find tutorials on Instagram and Pinterest to master this technique. A bold contour is a great addition to dreamy makeup looks.

Be bold with contour for dreamy makeup looks!

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Do you have any other ideas for dreamy makeup looks? Share in the comments below!
These dreamy makeup looks will make you glad it's winter!
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