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Experience San Francisco Through This Ultimate Outdoor Bar Crawl

Experience San Francisco Through This Ultimate Outdoor Bar Crawl

If you are looking for a fun new way to experience the city of San Francisco, this ultimate outdoor downtown bar crawl is the perfect choice for you! Whether you are a San Francisco local trying to plan a fun night out, or visiting the area for a quick getaway with your friends, this is the perfect opportunity to truly experience San Francisco! Whether you decide to end the night after visiting these bars or adding more to your bar crawl, here are my top choices that I think need to be included!

Experience San Francisco Through This Ultimate Outdoor Bar Crawl


Rickhouse is most well known as being a whisky bar, making it a common visiting place for whisky connoisseurs visiting the San Francisco area. This being said, they are far from limited from serving whisky, holding a full bar with a wide selection of other specialty cocktails. Their most popular drink is the “Kentucky Buck” which combines strawberry infused bourbon, lemon, and ginger beer. If you end up on this bar crawl and come across Rickhouse, you will DEFINITELY have to give this cocktail original a shot!

In terms of atmosphere, Rickhouse is very laid back setting with a laid back vibe as well. If you are into a bar for chill conversations with your friends, and an overall relaxed and authentic vibe, Rickhouse is definitely worth stopping by in your bar crawl journey. While it may not be known for a crazy dancing scene, the drinks are delicious and the space is welcoming and wholesome, making it an overall great experience.

Experience San Francisco Through This Ultimate Outdoor Bar Crawl

Local Edition

Local Edition is another possible spot along this particular downtown bar crawl in San Francisco. In terms of the overall vibe of this bar, it is known for being centered tow warded smeller crowds that are looking to be able to have nice conversation and just enjoy each other’s company. With this in mind, Local Edition is also the perfect spot to just pop in to grab drinks and leave.

There is plenty of space and seating, good drinks, and easy to make reservations at. Whether or not you choose to stay here for a long portion of your night as you cruise downtown San Francisco and visit more bars along the way, it is worth at least grabbing a drink here to be able to experience the dpace. From the vintage newspapers lining the walls to the VIP style seating areas, Local Edition is a unique bar that will offer you a very quality time at any point throughout your night!

Experience San Francisco Through This Ultimate Outdoor Bar Crawl

The View

The View Lounge in San Francisco is one hundred percent accurately named. It has a KILLER view of the city, and this is no exaggeration. This bar is an absolute must along your bar crawl because it offers an amount of sightseeing that is just a necessity while experiencing the ultimate heart of San Francisco.

Whether you choose to hit the bars early in the say and visit The View to watch the sunset or enjoy the view of the moon and lit up city late in the night, this bar is an amazing place to visit. While the drinks are a bit pricey and may not live up to being the absolute best cocktail you have ever had, the experience as a whole makes up for that, proving that it is definitely worth visiting as you make your way through the downtown streets.

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Experience San Francisco Through This Ultimate Outdoor Bar Crawl


While the first three bars I have chosen to include are known for their cocktails and chill atmosphere, Swig is sure to offer a bit of change of pace that might be needed at this point in your bar crawl. This bar may not have a true ‘dance floor” but it doesn’t matter because people are always dancing all throughout the space! Swig is trendy and fast paced, bringing a new bit of energy into your bar crawl.

If you are more about a place where you can just chill and kick it with your friends, you can always head upstairs to hang out in the VIP-style lounge area, filled with comfy seating and a few large tables. Swig is a great place to hang out if you are with a large group of people on your bar crawl because there is certainly something for everyone, whether that be speaking about the choices on the menu or the atmosphere! Start downstairs to dance and party, then head upstairs to catch back up with your friends, and I see it as a great place to wind down the night, while enjoying some delicious cocktails!

Experience San Francisco Through This Ultimate Outdoor Bar Crawl

Depending on how long you would like your bar crawl to last, choosing to do it in downtown San Francisco is my most important advice. These four bars are a great addition to your night, and definitely deserve a visit along your adventure in order to truly experience all of the different bars and people in San Francisco, while providing something for each and every member of whatever your bar crawl buddies could possibly hope for!

Do you think this seems like the ultimate bar crawl? Leave your thoughts in the comments section down below! Cheers!

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